Magical Colors in the Garden

This tree always surprises me. The color that it turns seems unreal to me.


Here is a close-up of the leaves:


And here is one more Japanese maple turning orange (seen through the dogwood tree.)


We’ve had so much rain that most of the leaves are now falling off the trees (yay, rain!) My tree guy came and topped both the flowering cherry and the apple tree. I bet I get a lot of apples next year 🙂 Oh, and he also chopped down that poison oak and the little tree that it was climbing. And then I drowned it with some super concentrated weed killer.

Next I will be pruning some of my trees, and planting all the bulbs that I got from John Scheepers! As soon as it stops raining 🙂

Took a couple more pictures today. Two days ago this big maple was still green. Its funny to me how the color can change so quickly with just some rain and cold weather.


And then I took a picture of my cherry tree, so you can see how much it got topped.