A New Fence!

Thought I would show you my new fence! It took two guys 7 days to build it. It has 2″X4″ wire on the outside so it will keep skunks out and Sophie in!


Because of how it was built, some of the wire along the front side was a little off the ground. Jay was going to put a board there, but I kept looking at it, and finally said to him, what if I just move the stones closer to the fence? That would give me more room to plant a few things. Which is what I did, but not without a lot of effort! Some of those stones were pretty buried in the ground. I had to use a shovel to get them out. I was surprised that I moved them all in one day. Then I had to get a ton of dirt to fill in the spots.


DSCN6628.JPGDSCN6629.JPGAnd here’s a few plants that are blooming:

The forsythia bush:


The camellia:


And the bridal veil bush:

DSCN6634.JPGThere are  daffodils popping up here and there. The tulips are taking their sweet time!

14 thoughts on “A New Fence!

  1. Hi, That is really a nice looking fence–never saw one like it. We have mostly solid board fences in TX so its nice to have one you can see thru and that lets the light in.

    • I saw it online and asked my contractor if he could build it. And of course, he said yes. It does let in some light too.

  2. Oh my gosh, that is just beautiful! I love unusual fences – and yours has shot to the top of my list!

    I laughed at keeping skunks out and Sophie in – those little dogs sure can get themselves through seemingly impossible holes!

  3. What a great fence! Will you be able to plant some vines on part of it? I have an unexplained interest in vines lately.

    • I have a honeysuckle vine that was very intertwined with the metal fence I had. I cut and cut to get all the metal out of it, and then I tied it up to the fence with strips of cloth. I’m pretty sure it will do well there.

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