Many Thanks to Mickie!

I followed Mickie’s advice, and didn’t prune my hydrangeas until it was nearly springtime, and this year they are just full of blooms!



And here are my day lilies:


I am still trying to keep up with the garden. Did I tell you that I was invaded by gophers this year? I got some really good stuff at the nursery, and it really seems to be working. They killed two roses, but one looks like it is growing a new little branch on it. And they killed my star jasmine that I have had since I moved here 30 years ago! But star jasmines are pretty easy to replace. Also, Lori recommended Edmunds’ roses, and I got two climbing ones. Both have bloomed already and I am looking forward to making them climb over my arbor.

Did I tell you that a bear climbed over my chicken fence and split a 2X4 in three pieces? Jay came and replaced it. And Kevin told me to put cans on the fence. So of course I have a million diet coke cans and that’s what I used. No chickens were harmed by the bear, but he sure did try to pull the wire off of their coop!

5 thoughts on “Many Thanks to Mickie!

  1. Yegads Debby! Imagining you greeting a bear in your chicken pen some morning. Did you observe any of this incident? I have a million diet caffeine free mountain dew cans if you’d like to create a color-contrasting artistic installation I’ll send you some.

    • The bear was gone by the time I got up at 6am. That’s funny, but you don’t have to send me any mountain dew cans!

    • Yes, the bear was gone by the time I got up. And I don’t use chicken wire, I have very heavy 1″X2″ wire. The bear completely ruined it! But fortunately, I still had some wire left over. Also, I am afraid to take my early morning walks now. But somehow, I need to be walking again. Thank goodness the gym is open now.

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