A Little Chat about Weight Loss and Clothes

As you know, I’ve been losing a little weight. I have a range of clothing sizes in my closet. One day I was wearing my “these are just a little too big” pants around the house, and I changed into my “these are just a wee bit snug” jeans before I went out to a meeting. Honestly, I felt a little schizophrenic that day. Because when I am wearing the loose ones, I feel good. I recognize that I have lost weight, and I feel ‘thin’ for a little while. When I am wearing the tight ones, yes, it is nice that I can fit in those again, but I feel ‘fat.’

I think there’s a place for both types of clothes during weight loss. I hear some bloggers say that they will only wear their super tight clothes as a constant reminder that they need to lose weight. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wearing my loose clothes and enjoying the fruits of my labor. Its pleasurable to be able to feel the weight loss in this way.

On the other hand, I also hear bloggers saying they are not going to buy any new clothes until they reach X weight, or even goal. They sometimes complain that their clothes are practically falling off of them. That’s not right! Its unnecessary. Right or wrong, in this country, where we buy way more than we need, there are always practically new clothes available in the thrift store in almost every size. I am not even a good “thrifter.” I am impatient and get bored easily. But I can usually breeze through a thrift store and find an item of clothing or two that fits my new size (bigger or smaller :} )

Wearing clothing that is way too large or way too small is not self-respecting. And self-respect is something I hear a lot of women seeking to lose weight say they lack. Wearing clothes that fit and make you feel good about yourself is a simple and cheap way to start working on that.

P.S. Important recipe information! When you try a new recipe its always good to run it through the calorie counter yourself. Especially when it seems too good to be true. I routinely do that. So imagine my distress when I double checked the calories on the two recipes I recently shared (the Shut Up Brownies and the Banana Muffins) and then I got my bag of oat bran out of the freezer and noticed that stats on it were significantly different than what calorie count (and my little calorie book) give oat bran. It changed the calories in the brownies from 80 to 110, which is still a good deal IMO. So just double check the calories in your oat bran if you are planning to try these recipes. The oat bran I actually had was 390 calories per cup. The oat bran I used in the calorie counter was only 240 calories per cup.


Countdown to Africa

Well, I’ve loaded a bunch of pictures into this post that have nothing to do with going to Africa.  But it seems that that is what is foremost on my mind.  Whether I want it to be or not.  One week from today at this time I will be in Birmingham, Alabama.  That’s where the group will meet for orientation.  Then we will all leave together for Kenya.  Its starting to seem more real.  Because the people in my church are LOVING talking about this trip!  I was a little excited earlier today.  Now I’m just tired.  After church I decided to do a little of the shopping for the trip.   Exciting stuff like DEET mosquito spray.  I have gotten 3 different travel pillows now.  I only need two (one for my lower back and one for my neck–I’m determined to be comfortable on this trip LOL.)

Ooh, I scored so bigtime at the thrift store!  Got four shirts  that were marked $3.50 , but when I got up to the counter they were having a ‘special.’  Only $1 each.  The weather is supposed to be 70-90 there, so I needed a few lightweight shirts.  And, I got a practically brand new beautiful black knit dress.  All designer stuff!  And it all fits now.  I was also thinking I wished I had a few more of those sleeveless t-shirts that I liked so much from WalMart this past summer.  And wouldn’t you know it, WalMart had a sale rack–got a couple of them for $2 each.

Christmas decorating was so simple this year.  Instead of dragging 7 tubs of decorations from the storage shed to the house, I just rummaged through a few of the tubs out in the shed and carried in a few of my favorite decorations.  No tree this year due to you-know-who.  Although you-know-who has been pretty darn good about the decorations I did bring in.  He was very curious, but then left them alone.

In spite of the *(*%%$&*%&*() rain, I have kept up with my exercise.  Plenty of walks, and half an hour at the gym about every other day.  There was one day in there where I stacked a cord of very heavy wet oak.  Ouch.

Noah in the back seat on the way home from our walk:


Sophie and Monk are not fans of the rain:

Tonight I had a cup of peppermint coffee from Trader Joes (coffee with peppermint leaves, vanilla beans, and a dash of peppercorns–yummy):

And tried out a new recipe from the Nutrition Action Healthletter:

Simple recipe, but so delicious:  one pound of green beans steamed (you know I boiled them,) one onion sliced thin and browned in 2 Tbsp olive oil, 1/8 tsp salt, and 1/4 cup sliced almonds.  So decadent.  Why would anyone want to make that old mushroom soup green bean recipe?  BTW, that is a salad plate.  But I did have a double serving of beans along side a regular serving of ham.

And now for a little truthful food talk.  AAAAARRGH!  I am eating too much food.  Too many extras.  Too many sweets.  Two more days of work, two more parties.  THE END.  I am hoping to eat really clean on the three days before I leave.  I am pretty sure food is not the main feature of this trip.

I have been a little worried that, as Cammy put it, “I’ll get off the health(ier) bus and lose my lifetime boarding pass.” That’s one reason I have been so faithful with the exercise.  Not so I can ‘eat more.’  No, just to remind myself of who I am now.  So I weighed myself at the gym, and I am just 2.5 pounds over my current goal weight.   Okay.  Moving on.  Hopefully.

Oh.  That fruitcake I made the other day?  I delivered it to my mom yesterday, so I got to taste it.  A-MA-ZING.  Not ‘diet’ food in any way, shape or form.  I might put the recipe up over there on the other blog just so I have a record of it for myself.  Pretty sure I can keep Mom happy with one of these big boys each year.  And like I told someone, most people who say they don’t like fruitcake are like a person who has only eaten Whitman’s chocolates and declares “I don’t like chocolates.”

Gonna sign out for now, and relax for a few before going to bed.  I’ll check back in in a few days!

Faded Pajamas

I like pajamas.  Don’t you?  Even at my heaviest, I could usually find some pretty nice nightgowns in size 3X.  So when my friends and I hit up the Ross/Marshall’s/TJMaxx stores, I usually check out the pajama aisle.

One day  shortly after I had started this weight loss journey we went shopping .  I think it was far enough along that I actually had some hope that it might ‘take’ this time.  Because long ago I made a personal rule that I would never again buy clothes that didn’t fit.  I wouldn’t knit a sweater for myself in the hopes that someday I might fit into it.  I only bought clothes that fit me that day.

So when I saw these pajamas on the rack in a size large, they represented a distant dream.   I actually couldn’t conceive of ever being that size.  But I guess I had some hope, because I allowed myself to buy them.  I thought they were so delicate and feminine–creamy pale yellow with little blue moons and stars on them.  And just a little ruffle on the edges.  And I put them in my drawer, hoping for the day when I would lose enough weight to be able to wear them.

That seems like such a long time ago.  Now they are faded and a little worn.  But I still get a thrill when I wear my dream pajamas.