Recipe Review: Low Calorie Apple Cranberry Sauce

I thought I might add a new semi-regular column. I’ve got a LOT of recipes over there on my recipe site (BTW, that is a pseudo-blog. I use it only as a depository for my recipes. I never actually write an article on it.) Anyway, some of them are better than others. And I am always delighted when I try an old favorite and find that yes indeed, it is a worthy recipe.

Today’s recipe is the Low Calorie Apple Cranberry Sauce.┬áIt just so happened, that on the day I wanted to make this (yesterday) I did not have an orange on hand. So I just used water, and then I added in some cinnamon. Its still delicious and tasty. And I am amazed at the nice thick consistency of it. The apples add a nice sweetness and texture, so not as much sugar is needed. A lot of recipes out there use four times as much sugar, and some of them use fruit juice and then have to add corn starch to thicken it?? What’s the point of that?

Anyway, I do recommend this cranberry sauce recipe. I grew up with the cranberry sauce in the can, and so I have come quite late to making cranberry sauce from scratch. It seems to be a relatively fool-proof recipe. Try it, you’ll like it!