Things are returning to normal, at least inside the house. The fire is well contained. Yesterday, while working in the yard with MLG, we heard helicopters coming and going all day!

So on my first day back in the studio, I noticed something weird. Both girls were crowded under my chair. This was okay, unless I WANTED TO MOVE. I thought maybe they were traumatized by recent events, and just wanted to make sure they were as close to me as possible. Then I remembered THE BED. Their studio bed was still in the car.


I went and got the bed, put it back in position, and all was restored to normal. This gave me the idea for “Le Tour de Beds.”


Here is the other bed in the studio. It is a cuddly bed, but doesn’t get as much use, because, I guess, it is farther away from where I am usually working.


And then we have my bed. Someday, when I grow up, I will get a real bed. That is just a headboard leaned against the wall.ย When I first moved up here, I found a really cool antique bed, and I was going to re-finish it. Needless to say, that project never got completed, and I made some fatal errors, and the headboard was the only thing that survived. I think I’m still in mourning for that bed. In the meantime, my bed is very comfortable and functional (still no bed skirt, you’ll notice.) Sophie sleeps under the covers ,


And Bess sleeps right next to me in this bed.


When we get up in the morning, the girls move from the bedroom to this little bed in the dining room.


This bed probably gets the most use. It is next to the chair that I sit in every night. I covered it with a quilt because it gets so dirty. A quilt is easier to wash than a doggie bed.


I almost forgot this bed. Sophie jumped up and posed for you this morning. This is just a nice pillow that I covered and put in the wood grate. The girls LOVE it in the winter when I have a fire going in the wood stove.


And, there is a bed under my desk.


Noah would like equal rights. He always lays on this little rag rug when he is in the house, but he makes it pretty clear that it is not doing it for him.


So he spends most of his time outside on his favorite perch. He LOVES this sling bed.


Thus endsย Le Tour de Beds. So far I have resisted putting beds in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. There is always a huge selection of beds at Home Goods, and they are quite reasonably priced. That’s how the whole thing started. But I’ve gotta say, its really done a good job of keeping the girls happy and off of the furniture, for the most part.

Here’s a few more doggie shots. I found this woman’s t shirt at the thrifts, and finally got around to making it into a shirt for who else–the Queen!


Noah had a little photo shoot after his last bath. Here he is, giving me “the eye.” He does this quite often, and the other thing he does is bug out his eyes when he is super excited about something. He looks quite wild.


Here’s how I like him best, in his calm, pensive mood.



Well, that’s it for another week. Have a good weekend, and stay safe!

8 thoughts on “Beds

  1. I love this post! Paco is giving me the side-eye, though…he only has one official bed (in his crate) since the last one got too disgusting and it had to leave my office. We don’t have a Home Goods here, and TJ Maxx just doesn’t carry the bigger size of dog beds that he needs. Your girls are spoiled and OF COURSE THEY ARE, look at how adorable they are when they’re sleeping together! Sophie posing in the fireplace bed made me smile. LOOK AT ME, I’M THE QUEEN!!!

    Oh and her shirt is perfection. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Noah is such a pretty boy. I love how he is trying to tell you something with just a look. Mysterious dog…

    • Mysterious dog–that is a perfect description of Noah! I’ve never had a dog quite like him.

      Too bad about not having a Home Goods. On the other hand, maybe its a good thing. They can be quite the money trap, and not just for doggie beds ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. LOLOL. Oh my, Noah “on” the rag rug. Teeheehee. So now I am counting cat beds. Mostly not purchased, as they prefer found places over actual pet beds. So happy you are out of the line of fire. So to speak.

  3. What a fun blog today. I enjoyed seeing the doggies at peace and so darn cute. Loved Noah on the little rag rug. cute cute cute I am glad that the fires have passed over your property. I have been thinking of you as I watched the news of the fires moving so rapidly. You all have been thru a lot this week. HUGS for you and the pets. mickie

  4. At least all the beds get use! So many times we buy things for the pets and they say “meh” ๐Ÿ˜€

    Noah has such a photogenic face.

  5. Loved the tour! And it never occurred to me to cover the bed to make washing easier. Thanks for the tip! Now I have another distribution point for my quilts too.

  6. I literally “awwwwwww-ed” at that last picture of Noah. Such a sweet boy! And I love how he looks like he’s plotting your death for giving him a bath!! Why do dogs feel so indignant after getting bathed??? It is a mystery indeed! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Sophie’s shirt is perfect!! Haha!

  7. Oh my what a fun and adorable post! You are so good for your sweethearts by making sure they have a bed everywhere you are. They are all so adorable.

    Bella has a bed in the living room but spent most of her time on the couch next to me. There’s even a towel on her spot at the couch ๐Ÿ™‚
    She sleeps in her crate in our bedroom. And that’s all she has.

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