Nothin’ Much

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while.  And I just don’t have much to say right now.  But thought I should say I am still around.  And doing very well with my food intake, and just okay on the exercise front.  

Did you all know we had a ‘big’ snowstorm out here?  I was at work, and had a lot of other stuff on my mind on the way home, and ended up driving into a snowstorm, and having to go the long way around to get home Friday night.  Needless to say, I did not work Saturday.  Since then just wind and rain.

Okay, here’s one kind of interesting thing.  I checked out my food intake for an entire day on Fitday, and put into their little calculator that I wanted to lose 10 pounds in 15 weeks, and they told me how many calories per day I needed to cut in order to lose that.  Then I went over to to see how many calories someone like me can eat to maintain.  And basically, I found out that if I would eat 22 points per day, I should be right in line to do that (lose 10 pounds in 15 weeks.)

It is hard to learn something new…changing from counting points to counting calories.  Changing from writing what I eat in a little notebook in my kitchen to entering food eaten in a computer.  Changing from high fiber, low fat to higher protein and a little more fat.  I spent a lot of time learning to eat the way I’ve learned to eat.  And I am tweaking it here and there, definitely.  But for now, I will write in my little paper journal.  I will still think in points. I am making some adjustments to how I count the points.  If I have a big serving of vegetables, I will count that .  Because, after all, they do have calories. I am trying to make sure I eat protein at every meal, and even to include it in snacks if possible.  I am adding in a little oil now and then, instead of avoiding it like the plague.

Just doing the best I can, for now.  

Ha–I had big plans to write a post about how I got over the stress I was feeling.  But then it came back….

7 thoughts on “Nothin’ Much

  1. “I had big plans…” Boy do I hear ya on that one 🙂

    Kudos for going the calorie route. I’m still not comfortable letting go of the points thing. It’s engrained in my head and I can’t (or actually, won’t…I could if I wanted to, right?) get it out.

  2. i knew you had a drive to work – and for some reason thought that you spent the night in the work town when you work. But as I think about it – you probably have to come back for the dogs.

    It was 28 degrees here yesterday – but the sun was out and no snow left on the ground. I ran errands in a sweater – with the sun out – it felt like it was in the 50’s. (if I had been out for any length of time – would have needed to bundle up – but just running in and out of stores – sweater was fine). Did your snow stay on the ground?

    On the counting food thing – Don’t drive yourself crazy with all or nothing thinking – don’t throw the baby out with the bath water – but if you can ease into balance and looking at where the calories come from and the totality of what you are eating (as you described that is what you are doing) a whole new level of understanding comes forward (in my experience) it becomes about feeding your body what it needs – instead of playing the points game. I think it rolls into a whole new, healthy relationship with food and the body. But don’t try to go straight to the platform, high dive and try for all back flips – take it very slow and easy so that you are not fighting against it – just take tiny little steps and see what works for you.

    I think of my three golden questions every day
    what do I mean to be doing?
    what am I actually doing?
    Is it working?

  3. So did your dogs get to play in the snow??? Did you play in the snow?

    We haven’t had a big snow here – yet. Usually that happens in March, so there may be snowmen in my future.

    It is hard to let go of the points thing and try something new, but it never hurts to shake things up and try new things. And usually after a couple days of logging my food, I find that I am making better choices without having to write it all down.

    Hope the stress is manageable – you know where to find me if it gets too bad and you need to hide out!! 😉

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