Life in Real Time

Can I just vent first?  I put this nice peaceful picture in my post to try to set the tone.  But I am going CRAZY.  If me and Noah survive this stage of his growing up together it will be a miracle. A MIRACLE, do you hear me?  He has entered a new stage of BARKING.  A LOT.  It drives me insane.  Really, I am glad you can’t hear me.  And yet, when I am not insane and I walk outside, there is much for him to bark at.  That is what his breeds were developed for, to be guardian dogs.  And there is an endless supply of things to guard me from outside:  deer, turkeys, new neighbors, cars, trucks, other dogs.  So now Noah is being re-introduced into ‘life in the house.’  Much to the disgust of Sophie and Mr. Monk, whose tranquil domicile has been invaded by a MONSTER.

Sophie trying her best to have a peaceful moment in the sunshine. SOMEONE is disturbing her. (This photo was take moments before her calm assertive behavior changed to manic aggressive behavior. (Hmmm, dogs are just like their owners...)

Mr. Monk hiding amongst the extension cords.

These dogs (Great Pyrenees) are supposed to be very easy going, and actually are supposed to be good in the house.  But Noah has such a hard time settling down.  Maybe its the 1/4 Anatolian Shepherd in him.   Maybe Sophie’s calm assertive aggressive (as I wrote this she got tired of his nosing and nailed him) behavior will be a good influence.  So far this morning, he has targeted the sofa, a towel hanging on a rack, my outdoor clogs, my tennis shoes on my feet, the leg of the chair I am sitting in, and has looked longingly at the pictures hanging on the walls.  Someone please tell me that there will be an end to this HELL (and I do not use that word lightly,) and that there will be peace in the valley once again.

Ahhhh, writing a blog in real time.  Was just interrupted because Mr. Monk unplugged the computer in his little hiding place.  AND, victory.  Noah actually knows the command ‘down.’

And again in real time.  I put Noah outside briefly, where he IMMEDIATELY began barking.  So I could go out and bring in my laundry.  On my way out I noticed a trail of ants, so I got my ant spray out and blasted them.  And then I noticed an even BIGGER giant trail swarm of ants.  Yikes, I guess they  are all enjoying the sun like the rest of us.  Well, they WERE enjoying the sun…

Back in the house, Noah inside, Monk and Sophie outside for a respite. (Its gotta be bad if they consider outside a respite.)  Also, if I was to post this in true real time, I would have left all the typos and glitches made by Noah coming and nosing my keyboard.  And now, Sophie is sitting in the last two inches of sun left on the rug, and Noah is checking her out.  She is giving him the evil eye.

Don't believe her. Its the ramblings of a madwoman.

And if you don’t think this crap makes me want to STRESS EAT, you are sorely mistaken.  But so far, I have avoided it.  And now, in real time, Noah has been out in the yard for 20 minutes without barking, and I am heading out the door to get a giant crate for him (I think it will make life easier for him and for me) and off to have my second of four lunches out this week.  I KNOW.  (more about this later.)

13 thoughts on “Life in Real Time

  1. Debby i wish i could say its gonna get better ….quickly….but alas i cannot tell a lie. Noah is young with alot of energy and mischief in him. LOL! But you know that. My hat is off to you woman. I couldn’t do it. My husband became alergic to dogs just when my patience for dogs was at an end. whew! Here’s a ((hug)) hand in there. You love for them will see you through.

  2. I’m so sorry, but I laughed my way through this post. It WILL get better – he’s just a rambunctious teenager right now. Here’s a poem that I read when Paco was a puppy – summed his barking up perfectly:

    I sound the alarm
    Garbageman – come to kill us all!
    Alert! Alert! Alert!

    And here’s another one:

    I sound the alarm
    Mailman – come to kill us all!
    Alert! Alert! Alert!

    (Should I go on?)

    Hang in there.

    P.S. LOVED the pics!

    • You are such a funny girl. Love that poem.

      And actually, I am glad you found it amusing. It actually made me a little happier just writing it out and making fun of myself. I wish I could have the calm assertive behavior that the dog whisperer talks about.

  3. Hi Debby,

    The stages of a dog’s life can be interesting at both ends of the spectrum. Noah does have one redeeming quality–he’s beautiful, but I hope for your sake that he matures quickly. It looks like Noah wants to challenge Mr. Monk and Sophie into some kind of interaction–but it’s not working too well. Hang in there–this too will pass–hopefully sooner than later.

    • Yes, Noah would just love to have a little friendly play. But they are having none of it. Once in a great while Sophie will join in for a little bit of time.

  4. Ah Debby – you know you will make it. Noah will pass through this stage. I think he must be about the same age as my parents’ dog. She is driving my mom crazy!

    I love the picture of Noah – it’s like his face is saying “Ha ha – wait til you find what I just did!”

    The crate is a good thing, particularly if you are going to have him as more of a house dog.

  5. Despite having two dogs, I don’t know a lick about dog behavior but if it’s anything like raising kids it comes in stages. 😉 That barking would drive me NUTS too.

    Mr. Monk is too cute. He looks just like my Nigel! He must have wanted your attention.

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  7. Oh, so sorry you are going through a difficult stage! This is what makes me nervous about getting another dog. Cecilia was almost perfect in her behavior. I’m afraid she was a “sucker-dog” (eg the dog that suckers you into getting another one). Kind of like a lot of first born kids are sucker-babies. Then the little brother or sister is a hellion.

    This too shall pass. Have you read The Latchkey Dog by Andersen or The Other End of the Leash by McConnell? Might have some helpful info…

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