The Super Bowl for Dog Lovers!

Okay, first let’s establish how much I DON’T know about football.  Just now, when I started typing the title up there, I couldn’t remember the term super bowl, and I had to google “biggest football game” to get the name.  Also, the day after the super bowl, after I saw Helen’s blog with her NY Giants posters, I said to my BFF, I thought the Giants were from San Francisco, I guess they got traded to New York?  And she said, “The SF Giants play baseball.”  Oh.

Anyway, on to something I DO know about!  Westminster Kennel Club is definitely the Super Bowl of dog shows!  All of the top winning dogs from all over the country are there, competing to see who is the very best dog in the country.  That’s the theory anyway.  By the nature of what it is, the judging of dog shows is somewhat subjective.  And I hate to disillusion you all, but there are also a wee bit of politics involved from time to time.

If any of you don’t know or don’t remember every detail of my life, I showed dogs for over 15 years, so I know of which I speak.  But I won’t bore you with too much doggie talk.  After all, we here in this corner of the blog world know what the Super Bowl is REALLY all about.  Yes, that’s right!  Its ALL about the food.  And as I planned the food for this annual get together with my neighbors, I realized that this was MY super bowl.  And its for TWO nights, not just one!

So, yes, with my plan, we had pizza and chips the first night.  We could have had them the second night, but I decided to try to rectify the situation just a little bit.  I was going to make this new recipe anyway, and if it turned out, I would bring it for dinner tonight.  It did, and I did.  Yumm!  I had downloaded that W.W. e-book–recipes on soups, stews, and chili, when it was free. I think Lori told us about that.  Anyway, I’d been eyeing a few of the crockpot recipes in there.  The one I chose was the Crockpot French Chicken Stew.  Full of a variety of fresh veggies and chicken, it was very flavorful, and a heck of a lot fewer calories than pizza for a second night.  Since it was Valentine’s Day, I wanted to make a special dessert.  I looked through all of my  bookmarked recipes, and then I started browsing Chocolate Covered Katie’s site, and i settled on her Hot Chocolate Cookies.  Holy yumm, these were really delicious.  Disclaimer here–Katie’s recipes are RELATIVELY healthy, but many of them are NOT without calories.  I followed the recipe for these cookies but the batter turned out thinner than described so I put it into little crocks to bake, which turned out perfect.  But like I said, quite a few calories.  Good for a one time special occasion though.

Back to the dog show.  At this show, the caliber of dogs being shown is so high, that almost any of the dogs in the final line up are worthy of winning best in show.  I am actually a closet Pekingese lover (my doggie friend says I am just attracted to all the mutant dogs–short legs of dachshunds, pushed in faces of pekes and pugs, the extreme stance of the german shepherd, the crazy haircuts of the Standard poodles, etc.)  In the best in show line-up, I liked almost all of the dogs.  My favorite was probably the Doberman Pinscher.  She was just so perfect on that night.

Man, I had a crazy day today!  I am working on the newsletter for The Bridge (Haiti project,) and I am a little intimidated by the process, but I am making progress slowly.  Once I get the first one done, I know it’ll be easier from then on.  Then, I had to make a decision about changing my health care plan.  This was really making me anxious.  But I made a call to just the right person (he is the ‘health care facilitator’ for my former employer) and evidently health care is his life!  He was so pleasant, and acted like he had all the time in the world to help me make a decision and understand what was going on.  It took all the anxiety out of the situation.  And let me just say that I KNOW how lucky I am to have good health care at a very low cost through my former employers.  VERY lucky.  But I was changing from a HMO to health insurance, and it seemed like it was going to be a lot more expensive.  Well, it is going to be more expensive if something bad happens.  But not as expensive as I thought.

Then I headed into the kitchen to do a massive cooking operation.  Made that crockpot recipe, which only had 15 different veggies, all chopped into pieces, and needed boneless  skinless chicken thighs.  And guess who bought thighs with the skin and the bone still on to save money?  NEVER AGAIN.  Plus I had a package of chicken breasts that I either needed to cook or freeze.  I decided to cook them because I really like having the pre-cooked meat for the days I am NOT in the mood to cook.  I also had some salmon, and so I  cooked that too.  Had a piece of it with a beet salad for lunch, and then headed to the gym. I KNOW.  I was a maniac today!  Got home in time to make that dessert recipe, sit and relax with my afternoon cup of coffee for a few minutes, and then took the dogs for a quick walk before heading to my neighbors for the dog show!  Whew.  I think I’ll sleep good tonight.

And tomorrow I will get up and go back to eating all my healthy choices, fitting in a few of the lower calorie ones to make up for the excesses of the past two days.

Did any of you watch the dog show?  Do you have any dog showing related questions that i can answer for you?

16 thoughts on “The Super Bowl for Dog Lovers!

  1. HI Debby! I would watch the dog show but i’m the only one in the house that would . I’m hoping they will reshow parts of it (or all of it) and i can catch it. I like the big dogs like goldens and german shepherds and huskies, hubby like little dogs terriers and such…….funny huh? I think its so interesting that you used to show dogs, how wonderful. We used to own an AKC registered rott her name was Morgan but her registered name was Lady Morgan Weaver. lol. Can’t think of any questions to ask but always love to hear anything you want to share. Hugs! deb

  2. I wondered if you would be watching the dog show!! I saw that little Pekingese on the Today show this morning – he was cute! I’ll bet that hair is high maintenance though!

  3. As I watched the show, I wondered if you were able to see it, being as you don’t have a TV. How fun that you had a party with your neighbors – and your title is spot on! It was a fun show to watch this year…the doberman looked so playful, and I loved that such an imposing dog was named Fifi!

    Still not impressed with the peke winning. I was excited that the fox terrier got second – that dog is SO Paco, except that Paco’s nose is more tapered (must be the greyhound in him?).

    So my questions for you are: what is UP with what most of the female handlers wear?!? Those crazy suits? Not flattering on most of them. I saw one woman wear pants, so I’m assuming that’s allowed…and one woman looked sharp in a purple blouse, black skirt and black boots. And the final judge? Ugh on her skirt. I couldn’t not look at that trainwreck. Dog show? What dog show??? LOL.

    OK, here’s another question: with all the dogs having to be in such close proximity to each other, I’m guessing that you have to have a pretty mild-tempered dog to show? Cujo…er, I mean Paco, would probably not make it in the dog show world. (well, also because he’s a mix, and neutered…but he’s perfectly handsome and would win, otherwise!).

    Oh, and you mentioned politics. Spill! I have no idea of the goings on in the dog-show world.

    • We’ve had our Westminster party for 25 years now if you can believe it!

      Yes, Paco looks very fox terrier-ish. And probably acts like it too. They definitely are not all mild-tempered, but they are conditioned from a young age to behave around other dogs, just like obedience training, only different.

      Ah, now on to the important stuff–the clothes!! I noticed that a LOT. I think most of the female handlers are not used to dressing up, which is what they are trying to do for Westminster. We should offer a consulting service to them, huh? And yes, UGH on the best in show judge’s outfit. It just did NOT go together. Loved her shoes, though!! She should have gotten advice from the working group judge–I thought she looked fantastic.

      Politics. These people all know each other. Its funny they keep the judge for best in show ‘sequestered’ for two days. If I dog has won 150 best in shows, that means he has been shown all over the country every weekend. You’d better believe the judge has seen him many times before and probably judged him, and formed an opinion on him. Almost all of the dogs in the best in show ring have been shown extensively. Oh, and most of them advertise a LOT. Like full page ads in the dog magazines every month. It would not be unknown for handlers and breeders and judges to go out for dinner the night before, and then to be in the ring being judged by the same judge the next morning. Sometimes they behave themselves, and go out for dinner AFTER the show. And it goes on from there…

      • Her shoes were good. The skirt should be returned to its rightful place…under the Christmas tree!

        Veddy interestink about the ads and dinners and such! I had no idea, but it makes sense, from the socializing to the “for your consideration” ads (a la the Oscars). Hmmm.

  4. I love Pekes! We had three at various times of my growing up years, and they have so much personality!

    I know what you mean on the Giants-Giants. I follow sports a little to a lot, and I still get caught sometimes. The Cardinals have the same issue, with the baseball Cardinals in St. Louis and the football Cardinals in Arizona. There should be a rule. 🙂

  5. We watched the show. I wish the Dalmation had won or the GS. My sister does some dog shows, mostly for obedience. She shows her Clumbers. Lots of politics and snarking. Have you seen “Best in Show”? Hilarious!

    I agree with Shelley – what was up with that last judge’s outfit? Not flattering – and she has run 6 marathons!

    • I was surprised that that judge has morgan horses and chose a pekingese! See above for comments on her outfit!

      YOu are one of the few people I know who like the looks of a show German Shepherd. Most people think they look deformed!

  6. I don’t have cable so I didn’t see any of the show. But that’s probably for the best as I’m not a fan of dogs that look like mops. 😉 I’m curious about your chicken stew recipe though – will have to search for a recipe.

  7. I think it’s awesome that you had a party! Hey, I have friends in California who have nothing to do with football or dog shows but throw a huge Oscar bash. I guess we each have our own Superbowl, right?

    We watched parts of it just because we get such a kick out of the dogs and the trainers. Also, there was a 14 year old girl from Connecticut showing her family’s dog. Big news around here. Plus, like Shelley, I need to critique those outfits. Good gravy they are awful. I mean I know you’d need sensible shoes (not pretty ones like my party shoes!) but seriously there are better ways to do that than what I saw 😀

    • Helen, you, me and Shelley need to go into the consulting business for dog show handlers, specifically for the Westminster dog show!

      • If only we didn’t live in three different states… but maybe that wouldn’t matter? I guess with the way we’re spread out we could cover most of the country, right?!

  8. I watched the big show on Thanksgiving (American Kennel Club?). My family was staying in St. Louis, and we went to the sports bar for lunch, and they gave us our own party room to watch, because everyone else wanted to watch football. Sigh.

    I like the dogs that look and act like dogs. Hence, I’m not a big fan of toy poodles and over-groomed breeds. French bulldogs just crack me up. I can’t help but adore them, but I’ve never seen one win.

    Now, for the question. Surely you’ve seen the Christopher Guest mockumentary movie “Best in Show.” Did you recognize any familiar characters or was he just in left field, and did you find it funny or was it just insulting? Being a theatre person, myself, I adored his “Waiting for Guffman,” and I saw all kinds of familiar people in it!

    • You know, I did see that show years ago, but I didn’t find it that funny. I’d have to see it again to figure out why. But I think it was either over the top, or maybe the real thing is even more absurd than the movie, and I felt that they had missed out on portraying what really goes on.

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