Its Going to Take Some Time This Time

“Its going to take some time this time”–exercise, that is! I’m dating myself–that’s one of the great songs Karen Carpenter used to sing.

I know I’ve said I love exercise, and I do. But I still have a wee bit of a problem with how much time it consumes. I guess after years and years of giving NO time to exercise, that habit is going to take a while to change.

Its not just the exercise. There’s the pre-exercise stuff: Taking Noah for a morning walk (usually at least 20 minutes,) and then changing into (hopefully) fur-free clothing to go to the gym. (Okay, it doesn’t take that much time to change clothes. It just seems like it takes a lot of time.) Sometimes there is some clothes changing involved at the gym, if I am going to include swimming, or if I have chores afterwards and don’t want to wear gym clothes. No matter which way I go, it takes 20 minutes to get to the gym and 20 minutes to get home.

Then there’s all the exercise options and necessities. I really need to keep up my PT exercises for my knees. After my 6 weeks of scheduled physical therapy was done, I often forgot to do the exercises. I could immediately tell the difference. So it is really important for me to do those exercises at least 4X per week. I timed it so I wouldn’t exaggerate. It takes me 22 minutes to go through the PT exercises I do at home.

At the gym there are so many things I enjoy doing. Strength training (including a few PT exercises)–I could easily take as long as 45 minutes with this, but most days I cut it down to 20-30 minutes. I get on the exercise bike for 20-30 minutes. Right now I consider the exercise bike my most important exercise. And then if its a nice day, I can get in the pool. Another 30-40 minutes. Admittedly, this does not happen that often in the winter. It will definitely change as the weather gets warmer, because I do love it, and I love how I feel when I swim (nothing hurts!)

Then there is the after-exercise stuff. Okay, this I would have to do anyway. But I’m still counting it. Because now I’ve been gone for a while, and the dogs are all ready to go for a walk. I take all four of them, and we just stroll (Monk-speed.) So that’s not exactly exercise I guess. Its still moving and its a time-suck, so I’m counting it.

I don’t do all these things every day. I try to make it to the gym at least 4 days a week. Some sessions I am in a hurry, and I only do the bike. On the days I stay home, I take a little longer and more vigorous walk with Noah, and I do my at home PT exercises. And, of course, the evening stroll.

This weekend was Lori’s Heart Healthy Challenge. I really enjoy this. Thanks for organizing it every year, Lori! I pretty much did EVERYTHING I listed above! Pre-walk with Noah. Only 15 quick minutes of strength training. I increased my time on the bike to 40 minutes (did 9 miles) and got in the pool afterward for 25 minutes (24 lengths.) And after a little time at Starbuck’s, headed home for the after-cool down stroll with the doggies. It was a great day.


The end of my heart healthy workout!

I guess my point in even writing this is that exercise is necessary for a whole and healthy life. Changing my attitude and intention towards it makes it that much more enjoyable.


Noah, after his bath. Now THAT was a workout. For both of us.

6 thoughts on “Its Going to Take Some Time This Time

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of exercise! Even on a day-to-day basis, walking dogs, your PT work, *any* time you’re able to squeeze in at the gym–it all adds up. Give yourself credit! (Or if you don’t want it, I’ll take it. :))

  2. That is a lot! I think dog walking certainly counts as good exercise 😀 I am starting to miss my gym a bit. I hate the time it takes to get there, though.

  3. I can understand that this is time-consuming. I had the same problem and that’s the reason I bought a collection of workout DVD’s, switched my workouts to early morning and by doing that have the time and rest to take Bella for her long walk after work. If I have to workout and walk her after work, one of the two is going to suffer and will be skipped. This works for me.

    I definitely count the walking as exercise, walking is very good for a person, with or without a dog.

  4. I have tried numerous times and will just never get into going to a gym. Thankfully, I’ve learned because I’ve sure wasted enough money on gym memberships. So I admire all of my blog friends who go faithfully and even try to convince me that you LIKE it!! But I couldn’t agree with you more that a whole and healthy lifestyle definitely involves a form of exercise MOST days of the week that works for you as an individual. I’m happy with my 10,000+ steps per day and 1-2 days of hiking each week.

  5. I loved the Carpenters!

    The one thing I grew to dread about swimming was the drive to the pool – at least 20 minutes each way. Then the time to swim, dry off, and change…my morning was shot. Exercise DOES take up a lot of time, no doubt about that!

    Love the clean Noah picture. Such a pretty boy!

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