Studio Update!

(I posted this on my quilt blog, but copied it over here for all my non-quilty friends : ) )

Things are moving along so quickly with the studio, I can hardly believe it! In spite of starting the work right before two of the biggest holidays of the year, the contractor has continued to work steadily, and here is what it looks like today.

While browsing the local antique shops for a piece to place my grandpa’s cupboard on, I ran across this desk. It seemed just right for a multi-purpose cutting/ironing table and desk. And it was in great condition and was real wood (white oak,) instead of the laminate I was considering. After thinking about it over the New Year, and checking on the ideal height for me for cutting/ironing, I went back to the store to look at it. It was exactly the right height, and I even got a discount on it. It took a bit of doing, but we fit it in the back of my car and it came home with me.


Then the contractor and I had to carry it up this little ramp and across the studio space to the deck to store it until the room is finished. I said it was like a circus act, carrying that heavy desk up a little ramp like that!


Here’s the view of the room from the deck-side doorway. You can see the closet partition now.


And here is a view from the outside with the siding and the windows in place already!


We talked again about outlets and lighting, and he put all the wiring in so that on Monday he can start on the insulation and drywall!!

While I was out I went to the paint store. Do you know how many colors of white there are???

7 thoughts on “Studio Update!

  1. Oh my gosh, there has been so much progress!

    I hear you on paint colors. They are all starting to look like gray to me now. 😀 I have to focus on one room at a time.

    Love the desk – is it raw wood, or is there a finish on it?

  2. It’s really coming along! I like that old-style desk…it’s going to be nice for your projects. And I hear you on all the whites…cool white, warm white, gray white, argh!

  3. So exciting to see how this is coming along! I am sure you will find just the right white, but yeah, there are a lot of ’em!

  4. The desk is an older desk. On the quilt blog one person said she was a retired teacher and she used to have a desk just like that. It is finished very nicely, and only has one little ding that I think I can fix.

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