You Just Can’t Do Everything

Well, maybe you can. But I sure can’t!  I’ m not sure I’ll even finish this post tonight.

I haven’t gone anywhere in particular, or even been working that much.  I’ve just been doing other stuff.  When I get in that mode where I am blogging regularly, there are other things that go by the wayside.  I don’t watch movies, don’t do much quilting.  But if I am quilting, creating, reading, cleaning the house, watering the garden, cooking, and talking on the phone, guess what goes bye-bye?  Well, you know.  And now you know what I’ve been doing for the last few days.

If I am going to the gym regularly, I tend to take shorter walks with Noah.  When I get in the mode where I am challenging myself to run and go longer distances, I don’t go to the gym as often.  That’s what happened today.  Since I worked yesterday, I was planning to go to the gym for a weights workout and a swim.  But I got out pretty early while it was still cool for a walk with Noah, and I felt like running (yay!)  We went 4 miles, with a good combo of running and fast walking/hiking.  Then tonight (have you noticed it is getting dark a lot earlier) it was cool again, and we took a short but intense walk/run again.  No gym in between–got busy doing a bunch of various chores AND  a bunch of time creating/sewing–FUN!  And, I got in a good bit of reading too.

One of the books I was reading was my ‘Do You Use Food to Cope?’ workbook.  This is hard for me to do sometimes.  But I’m kind of determined to keep going.  And today I had a real insight about why I eat sweets to cope with anxiety and stress.  Only thing is, I can’t be specific here because I…well, I just can’t.  But I can say that I realized for the first time, that there were things that were very stressful  when I was a kid, and sweets really helped me to not think about/deal with these things (that I had no control over) for a while.  There’s more to it than that.  And I can hardly believe this is the first time I’ve put all this stuff together.*  So maybe it is good to delve into these things a little bit more.  Now the $100,000 question is, will this knowledge help me to stop eating when I am stressed and/or anxious?  Only time will tell.

Interesting Links:

The Ten Best  Movies to Watch When You’re Feeling Down.  A good list.   I have watched most of these, and like them quite a bit.   The others I will be checking out on  Netflix.

What looks to be a really good bran muffin recipe. Only 114 calories.  Only thing is, they might be kind of small.  Still, I love all the ingredients in the recipe.  I’ll let you know how they taste when I make them.

Doggie Update:  Noah is growing up.  He is getting better and better in the house, which is good for both of us.  Here is a rare sighting– Noah and Sophie sleeping next to each other.

*Just so you know.  There was no terrible childhood trauma or anything.  I actually had a pretty great childhood.  Its just that I don’t want to hurt anybody who might sometime read this blog.  I think you have to realize that when you put something on the internet, ANYONE can read it.

13 thoughts on “You Just Can’t Do Everything

  1. I have missed you for the last few days. It is hard to figure out how to balance it all out isn’t it? One thing I’m learning is about time. Time is a big factor in this journey. When you are wanting to lose weight it’s a big factor you forget or that you want to rush. sometimes you have to just be.

    I did a blog about my enell bra a few days ago, wanting to see what you think…

  2. Debby, Typed a comment, then lost it, so this one is shorter. Thanks for this post – I needed it! Doing 24 hour rotating shifts at hospital with FIL doesn’t leave time for much else, but I catch myself still trying. When I look at Google Reader and am behind blog reading by more than, well, let’s just say VERY behind, I realize blogs will still be here when my FIL isn’t. I can’t do everything right now – life is NOT normal Your post was perfectly timed just for me – I choose to call those little miracles. Thanks!

  3. Gah! Noah looks like a giant compared to Sophie in that picture! How sweet that they are sleeping so close – your boy IS growing up!

    I understand about not being able to write certain things on your blog…yep, I surrrre do. Glad you had your realization on the sugar/anxiety connection; that’s what is important.

    Your link to the movies? Loved it – and too funny, I was just telling a friend that he needs to watch Love Actually because it is And there it was, #1 on the list! 🙂

    You are going great guns on the running/walking! Very impressive, my friend! And yes, I have noticed that all of a sudden it has gotten darker earlier. Noooooo! While I’m ready for the heat to go away, I like the longer days!

    Speaking of which, have a great day, Debby!

  4. I love the photo of Noah and Sophie–very peaceful and sweet. I completely understand what you’re saying about stress in childhood. Mine was like that too, and I used food (especially pop and candy bars to
    cope–especially while I had my nose in a book). I also know what you mean about not being able to do everything. I am in the process of trying to set some boundaries for all of my activities. It’s amazing how fast the day can zip by when you’re working on things you enjoy. When I get too involved in blogging, genealogy, etc. some of the things I don’t enjoy so much (housework, shopping, etc.)get put on the back burner. I’m trying to find some balance, expecially during this weight loss phase. If I don’t get to the grocery store, it is likely that we will go to a restaurant for dinner. While that’s OK sometimes, every night is not OK.

  5. I go through patterns of activities, too. I’m trying to build a habit of doing *something* toward all my to-do items, even if it’s just 15 minutes a day. I’m liking what I see, so far.

    Thanks for the link to the movie list. I’m off to check it out!

  6. Glad to hear from you. Yep, sometimes you just need to deal with all the real stuff–laundry, hobbies, poochies, etc. Good news about Noah growing up. That’s an interesting list of movies–very eclectic. Some are very high on my own like list. Great job on the running. Glad you weather is cooperating so you can. Take care.

  7. Love the movie list! Makes me want to run home and watch them (I’m sure the boss won’t mind!) 🙂

    Yes, I know all too well that we can’t do it all. Something’s gotta give and for me, it’s usually blogging – I think we’re probably all like that. The great thing about blogging though is that it’s still waiting for you when you decided to put it back into the rotation! 🙂

    Noah – I heart him. I need a Noah pillow. I would sleep well. 🙂

  8. A lot of times it isn’t tramma at all – it is simply the pattern or conditioning or habits of the family with food.

    I see a LOT of families where event or feeling of any type involves food.

    A ‘sorry’ involves food, a celebration involves food, a don’t feel well involves food, of course meals and holidays involve food – it seems like it is an every five minutes event in some families.

    And of course MOST of that isn’t actually FOOD. So it is non-food food events.

    and sometimes it CAN be talked about in that context – the habit or patterning of the family.

    And are you seeing it repeating and repeating throughout the (extended) family? Because usually that is exactly what happens.

  9. “Now the $100,000 question is, will this knowledge help me to stop eating when I am stressed and/or anxious? ”

    Isn’t that the crux of it right there? Don’t we really have all the knowledge to lose and keep off weight. I think anyone who has lost 100 pounds could rewrite all the weight loss books out there without researching (and probably better, too).

    Things come in and out of “popularity” in our lives. That’s what makes it interesting!

    Loved Shawshank Redemption, and even better as Stephen King’s story.

    • Hear hear re: Lori’s comment: “I think anyone who has lost 100 pounds could rewrite all the weight loss books out there without researching (and probably better, too).”

      That’s why I follow folks like you both and others, like Lynn Haraldson-Bering. It helps me see that it’s possible to keep it off, and what it takes.

  10. “Shelley B replied:

    Gah! Noah looks like a giant compared to Sophie in that picture! How sweet that they are sleeping so close – your boy IS growing up!”

    I totally agree.

    And that goes for the whole post. I’m slowly getting a better pattern where blogging does not overwhelm my day but needs a lot more work or reduction or something. *smiles*

  11. Oh, I hear you! That’s going to be my weekend: much living and caretaking, very little blogging/commenting. Sometime it’s nice to step away from it and tend more to the other things. (But we’ll be around and will be glad when you’re back! 🙂

    • “Now the $100,000 question is, will this knowledge help me to stop eating when I am stressed and/or anxious? Only time will tell.”

      I meant to comment on this earlier, too. I think I can trace my food issues back to childhood, too…like you, some stress and drama but no trauma, and food played an interesting dynamic in it all. I’m not sure that being aware of the roots alone will change everything, but coming up with some coping strategies based on what I know has helped me; for example, having some things to tell myself at key times, such as, “Yes, there will be more of Food X later…and even if there isn’t, there will be something else just as wonderful.”

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