Ohio Trip in Bullet Points

  • I went to Ohio to study art as it relates to quilting from Nancy Crow. I did not go to learn how to quilt. I already know how to do that!
  • Airplane travel went well both ways. There were multiple connections both ways. I saw a LOT of airports. I swear I got in a 2 mile walk/run at that crazy Detroit airport.
  • Mostly I ate food I had brought with me. In Los Angeles I spied a restaurant with Iron Chef Morimoto’s name on it.

    Fast food a la Iron Chef. VERY DISAPPOINTING!

    Fast food a la Iron Chef. VERY DISAPPOINTING!

  • And just when I needed it, a Pinkberry magically appeared right outside my connecting gate in Atlanta!

    Pinkberry did not disappoint!

    Pinkberry did not disappoint!

  • President Obama was speaking at the university in Columbus the day I arrived. It would have been cool to have seen him, but I heard there would be cops on every corner for extra security. I decided to get the hell out of Dodge LOL.
  • I visited a special textile exhibit in Lancaster. IMG_9416
  • I almost missed it, but right next door was the birthplace of General Sherman (of Civil War fame.) IMG_9417
  • I stayed at a farmhouse and enjoyed the amazing 86 year old lady who was my hostess. She was a firecracker!
  • Nancy Crow’s family farm is a beautiful beautiful property. There were fruit trees and lilacs blooming everywhere.

    The "driveway" leading to the farm.

    The “driveway” leading to the farm

  • IMG_9419




  • The “barn” where Nancy hosts her workshop retreats is an amazing structure. It is a pre-Civil War timber frame barn that they moved across several fields to their property, and then her husband and two sons spent four years reconstructing.


  • You can still see the original timber frame on the inside of the barn.
    You can see in these pics how much room each workshop participant had!

    You can see in these pics how much room each workshop participant had!


  • I was fascinated by the floors. They were gorgeous, and looked like a combination of three different woods. They are all sycamore. IMG_9433
  • Nancy had a LOT of exercises outlined for us to do. I have never done this before, but I (voluntarily) worked from 7am until 10pm for three of the days!

    My workstation was right by the door. This was the view I got to look at every day!

    My work station was right by the door. This was the view I got to look at every day!

  • The food was absolutely amazing. They served us lunch, dinner, and an afternoon snack at the workshop. Margaret Wolf is a gourmet cook with an eye on healthy living and cooking. I noticed right away that the meals were lighter fare, and that the portion sizes were within normal limits. I heard her say later in the week that if you ate exactly what she served, which included some amazing baked goods and desserts, it would be comparable to a 28 point W.W. day! So my eating for that part of the trip was spot on. (I had cottage cheese and fresh fruit every day at the farm house.) (bad food blogger–I took NO pictures of the food at the retreat.)
  • After the workshop was over, I headed up to Amish Country. Nancy gave me careful instructions to some of the authentic Amish places to visit. They all included food…
  • There was some gorgeous countryside up there. That was my favorite part–just driving along some of the backroads, enjoying the farm scenes. I got to see at least 3 teams of horses pulling the plows, in addition to lots and lots of the black buggies.


  • And of course, I did get to meet Lynn in Pittsburgh. That was also a beautiful drive.
  • Oh! On my way back from Pittsburgh, I stopped in a little town. I think I was looking for coffee. Instead I found the birthplace of Clark Gable. How about that! IMG_9505
  • I went back to Columbus by way of a small town that had a special quilt exhibit in its museum. And then one more quilt exhibit at the museum in Columbus.
  • We worked fast and hard at the quilt retreat. I made two complete quilt tops while I was there. I am almost done quilting the second one. I will share more about the actual quilting and show that quilt over on my quilt blog later today or tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “Ohio Trip in Bullet Points

  1. Oh how I envy you! The workshop with Nancy must have been great. I had an opportunity to meet her when she was doing a workshop in Canmore, Canada a number of years ago. I was just starting my quilting journey and did not feel confident enough to sign up. Will we be seeing your creation from the workshop. I really appreciate your blogs.

  2. Um, was it just me (and I’m not judging!), but was there a reason the cops on every corner were a concern to you? Is there something you’re not telling us? 🙂

    I hope to visit OH Amish country sometime. I’ve been to PA, and I could have toodled around the backroads all day. And then gone into a city to find a restaurant that didn’t have ‘smorgasbord’ in its description. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

    • Hahahahaha. Cops make me nervous.

      Oh, I forgot to report that–I asked at one of the shops in town for the best restaurant. They sent me across the street. That was the GREASIEST food I have eaten in years. It was so disappointing!

  3. Oh how I would’ve loved to have driven up and done the Amish country part with you. It sounds like it was an amazing trip. Could you find something like that in Tennessee for next year??

  4. So happy to read all about your trip.

    This area is very much on my wish list for a future trip to USA. Meantime I appreciate your photos and hopefully will remember your eating tips.


  5. Debby – what a wonderful trip! Ohio is beautiful. I was this close >< to going to Ohio State University for my masters.

    Bummer on morimoto's food. I was my favorite Iron Chef – on the *real* Iron Chef, not the bastardized american version.

  6. I hope you found some Shoo Fly Pie. My favorite. Its a Pennsylvania Dutch treat.I haven’t had it in so long. Think of it as a Molasses Crumb Pie…So glad you enjoyed yourself! Hugs! deb

  7. Wow! I am so jealous! Nancy Crow! She is on my bucket list! It also sounds like the trip itself was fabulous! Clark Gable? Get out of here!!!!!!

  8. Somehow I missed the fact that the quilt retreat was at Nancy’s own farm – what a gorgeous place! Looks like the entire trip was so visually appealing, and so very different from the west coast. You are quite the adventurer!

  9. What beautiful, historic buildings! How wonderful to have a chef that provides healthy, lighter fare. We finally have a restaurant here in town that does the same… They cook only seasonal food, do reasonable portions, and list the nutrition for every dish on the menu. They grow and buy local when they can. It is VERY popular and always busy. We need a few more! I’d also love a fast food place where I could drive through and get some veggies sauteed in olive oil!

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