A Foodie Report

A few weeks ago, I was enticed by Lori’s report of a crockpot enchilada recipe. I finally made those enchiladas, but I didn’t use the crockpot. Or the recipe. I just winged it. Quite yummy, but not exactly low calorie. About 200 calories per enchilada, but so far I’m eating them two at a time… I like them best with some fresh tomatoes and romaine lettuce.


I was writing some recipe blogs for The Quilt Show, and got some good pictures for that. Here’s my take on strawberry pancakes. Perfectly legit “diet” breakfast. Only about 250 calories for these yummy protein pancakes topped with fresh strawberries, and a few mashed strawberries mixed with SF syrup.


Here’s another take on the frozen yogurt granola bars. This time with granola, fresh peaches, frozen cherries, and a few walnuts and chocolate chips for good measure.


The great pumpkin season has started! I made my first batch of Pumpkin Custard a couple of nights ago. At 100 calories per serving, its good for dessert, a snack, or even breakfast. And the house smells DELICIOUS  while its baking. Oh, and I also tried Diane’s recipe for baked apple slices. Totally indulgent. And you get the good house smell as well.

Tonight I made pizza. I always make it the same way. I use the Trader Joe’s whole wheat dough, measure out the toppings, and keep a running count of the calories, and then divide by the number of slices I cut. It usually comes out to about 200 calories per slice. And as I said on Helen’s blog, I had a mini-food tantrum (c. Helen) and ate two slices of pizza for dinner, skipped the salad. There were lots of veggies on that pizza 🙂 (this one had mushrooms, onions, red bell peppers, fresh tomato slices, and basil, with fresh mozzarella and a sprinkle of asiago cheese.)


Sophie loves food too, and has to work at keeping that svelte figure. Recently she changed from eating pink flowers to snacking in the herb garden in an attempt to increase her daily greens.



Its very fun to be creative with food! Have a great weekend–get in the kitchen and try something new!

7 thoughts on “A Foodie Report

  1. Those enchiladas look good! That’s one of those foods that is hard to reduce calories on without getting all fat-free everything, and then I find it isn’t worth eating LOL!

    We have now dipped into cold weather and I got a chill looking at your frozen yogurt bars!

    • I agree about the enchiladas. The sauce seems pretty low cal. But I like cheese enchiladas best, so doing without much cheese just isn’t fun.

  2. I love food posts!

    I don’t have a crockpot but it’s on my wish list. I have been seeing a lot of recipes for it lately and it makes me want one.

  3. I bet Sophie’s breath smells really good with all the herbs she’s eating! Love Noah’s face, although I’m not sure if he’s either waiting his turn for a nosh at the herbs, or smiling at you, saying “see mom, I’m being the good one over here” 😉

    Your food looks good! I cracked up at the enchilada recipe that you did not follow. I loves me some cheese enchiladas – they usually rotate into my diet when I hit the high miles in running.

    • I hadn’t thought of that! Maybe that’s why her breath isn’t quite as bad as it usually is. Yes, Noah is saying, “I just don’t get it. That stuff doesn’t taste like bones.”

      Cheese enchiladas are what I really like. I always make chicken enchiladas. There is a place in town that has the best cheese enchiladas. I can’t beat those!

  4. I use a recipe for beef enchiladas where you cook the meat all day in the crockpot, then assemble and throw in the oven for a minute to melt the cheese. I made it last week in fact. Easy and delicious. You know, with enchiladas, like pizza, between the “bread” component and the cheese, it’s just hard to get the calories down super low. But I also believe it’s OK to have some higher calorie treats occasionally. Eating would be so boring without them!

    Your pizza looks yummy and now you’ve made my mind up for me – I’m going to make pizza for our Sunday dinner 😀

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