What is Normal?

So this is how a blogger’s mind works. I’m always thinking about everything in terms of what I would write, even though I don’t always take the time to write it out. Monday I was going to write “Back to Normal,” about how I went to the gym, and then to the grocery store to get a ton of vegetables. Tuesday I was going to write “Day One,” about the beginning of the two day prep/fast I had to go on for my five year colonoscopy check. Wednesday, I was going to write “Notes on Fasting,” about all that I learned in my big two days of fasting. By Thursday at noon, I thought I’d be writing “Back to Normal” when I got home from the colonoscopy, and by Thursday evening, I decided all this stuff happening in my life was just my normal life, and what I was craving was a bit of my calm routine life. The life that happens in between all this other “normal” stuff.

So here’s the long version. Let’s see, you know I went to Texas for a week, ending that week with a visit with Shelley. You know I came home and spent two days just resting up so I could leave again to go to Santa Cruz for a quilt workshop. That was a really great weekend. I loved the whole thing. But I was looking forward to coming home and getting back to my “routine.” So Monday I went to the gym, and then to the grocery store, where I bought as many vegetables as my heart desired 🙂

But Tuesday morning I had to start a two day prep for my colonoscopy. I had one polyp on my first exam, so had to have this five year repeat. I groused a little about having to do a two day prep, but decided that after two weeks of travel-eating, I’d better be compliant.

Its so much easier to fast when its forced upon you. I put away all food, and even left my water pitcher on the counter so I wouldn’t have to look in the refrigerator that often. I had a low-grade headache most of the day. But I slept GREAT.

On Wednesday, I didn’t really think about eating that much. I was, ummm, otherwise occupied. Also, I wasn’t hungry, which really helped. Here’s the things I did “eat” on this fast: black coffee, green SF jello, mint tea, a few hard candies, and some apple juice.

Wednesday night I looked at Petfinder, and there at the local shelter was the CUTEST little dog. I have been inquiring about a few dogs, but they haven’t worked out. I was going to go and check out a male shih tzu, but the Butte Fire came along, and I had to cancel that idea. Then I was inquiring about a male Pug in a town a few hours away, but the rescue coordinator couldn’t seem to commit to a time to meet.

Thursday morning, bright and early, my good friend (who is also dog-obsessed,) met me to drive me to the doctor’s. I told her about the little dog I’d seen online. When all was done (no polyps-yay) we went out for lunch, and on the way home, she said, “Do you want to stop at the shelter?” Well, YES I did! We have a history of enabling each other with our doggie acquirements. When her last Lakeland Terrier died, I took her to the shelter, and we found a terrier mix who is her favorite dog of all time. She took me to the shelter one day, and that’s when I found Miss Bess.

Anyway, it wasn’t hard to decide to take this little dog. She was even cuter in person, and so calm and friendly. So now you have to look at a million pictures of my newest doggie 🙂

Here we are just after I got her. My friend said she wanted to find out what those drugs were that they gave me, and keep me on them. I was VERY happy and animated after the procedure.


These next two pictures are last night, on either side of my lap. Sophie is doing her best to pretend that this interloper is just a bad nightmare and will disappear very soon.



This morning I was writing emails, and looked around to see where she was. Oh, she might be small, but she knows how to jump up onto furniture.


Photo op. The old groomer in me is really looking forward to spiffing her up!


DSCN3477So, this is just my normal life. But I am looking forward to several months of my nice routine–going to the gym more often, and eating good healthy food for a while, including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables!

18 thoughts on “What is Normal?

  1. Hi – I love your blogs. I first became acquainted with you and your blog through The Quilt Life. Then I lost all my emails and yours was included. Then you were back on the Quilt Life with your pumpkin recipe and I did the happy dance to be able to get your blogs back. We have so much in common – weight loss, three rescue dogs, quilting, gardening and I think we must live very close to each other, I am in Nevada City. Some of your weather and seasonal comments lead me to think that. Your new pup is adorable.

    • Hi Carolie–glad you found me again! We do have a lot in common! And we do live close–and yet so far away–separated by the long and winding Highway 49 🙂 Maybe we will be able to meet up some time!

  2. Three years ago I got a little dog at a shelter. Turns out she was a Maltipoo. At the I got her it was hard to gnow what breed she was because they shaved her to the skin. I named her Sophie. She’s a wonderful little dog, very affectionate and loves everyone. I hope you enjoy your Sophie as much as I enjoy mine.

    • Hi Ellen,

      Sophie is actually the name of the little dachshund–I’ve had her for about 7 years, and she was a rescue dog too. Yes, I love her, and she is the undisputed queen of this house. The new little dog is unnamed so far. Working on that today. She is an absolute doll, and I am already enjoying her.

  3. “Normal” is just a setting on the dryer! (I can’t remember where I heard that…but I love it)
    I LOVE your new little addition to the family!!! Does she have a name yet?
    Yay for no polyps!!! Good job on getting that done – now you don’t have to think about it for another 5 years! 🙂

  4. I love your reward for such a yucky test. Glad everything was clear on it, btw. But that dog – what a sweetie! She’s really accepted that this is her new house…the others must not be hazing her too much for her to show such comfort already. Can’t wait to hear what you end up naming her.

    Oh and normal – YES. I am ready for that as well.

      • Its MadTosh, I’m sure. I thought you found some of the same color–it was August 2014 when I knit it. Can’t believe I found the pattern–its called Infinitude Scarf on Ravelry. Remember, it says join, being careful not to twist. I not only twist once, but twice. But if I twist it the right way when I put it on, it works out just right.

  5. Congratulations on your new family member! Can’t wait until she tells you what her name is.

    Congrats on the procedure results as well.

  6. Oh Debby, she is so cute. Great way to end the day after your test, glad you had a good report. I am dog obsessed too. Your new pup looks a lot like my Molly and in your photos she seems to know she is home now. Congratulations Debby’s new pup.

  7. Doggie as a colonscopy present? Maybe that is a way I can get John to let us have another kitty i n a few years 😀

    What a sweetie, can’t wait to hear the name!

  8. Happy for you all was good and the new doggie: way way too cute, such a sweety!
    Wishing her a happy life with you and the other doggies.

  9. I think “normal” is why the saying “There’s no place like home” came about. It really is comforting to have routine at times.

    What a sweet doggie! She looks like she’s happy to be home and in her new normal as well.

  10. Ha, got a “kick” out of your “what is normal”. Ironically, I came across your site and was stressing about an upcoming first colonoscopy, and found your site. Your comments about it eased my mind about my appointment and the dreaded before two days. Thanks!

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