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I think this is turning into a gardening blog. After ten years, how much more is there to write about food, about eating food and not eating food. Ha! Now maybe I might have to write one more blog about my current thoughts on food and exercise. But for now, here’s what’s happening in the garden.

Most of the Japanese maples are starting to bud out. Some of them are just as beautiful in the spring as they are in the fall. And of course, in the spring they are all new and fresh and unblemished.

Here is one of the most beautifully colored:


A simple green one that I grew from a seedling! I gave it to my mom, but she had some trouble with it, so I brought it home.


These are prettier in person–a lime green, and one with white/green variegated leaves. You can see a couple branches of the bigger Red Emperor there.


I love the form of this one. But because of its short grafted trunk, I do think it needs to stay in a pot for life.


The violet path (and weeds) are putting on a good show this year. Violets can be pretty invasive, so they are blooming all over the yard. I like them, so that’s okay, but sometimes I have to get aggressive with them and just pull them out. Over to the side there is some fescue grass. I got it for the patchwork path, but of course it was a six pack, so I planted some here. I like it.


The first cherry blossom popped out!


And not a great picture, but you can see all the blossoms getting ready on the lilac tree. This is so exciting to me. For the past two years Kevin and I have been carefully pruning this tree. And I guess we’re doing it right, since it is blooming more than ever. There’s lots of information out there that says if you prune a lilac too much it’ll never bloom.


Some funny dog pics. Bess is the only dog I’ve ever had that is so interested in the tv. I actually have to put her in her crate if I am watching a show where a dog is barking. And as for watching “The Dog Whisperer?” I’ve given up! But the other day I was watching “The Zoo” and Bess wanted up on my lap to watch the tigers.


This is Noah when the neighbors are here. He’ll come inside so he won’t bark (because he’s wearing his bark collar,) but then he will stare very hard out the window to make sure there’s not any funny business going on over there.


And that’s the report for this week. We’ve gotten some very nice rain lately, and of course, I appreciate it, so I don’t have to water the garden. Its sunny today, so I will go out and do some of the never-ending weeding that needs to be done!

8 thoughts on “More from the Garden

  1. Am dying over Bess watching TV. She is too much – and you know she’s trying to figure out how that tiger lives in the TV, anyway. Noah looks very concerned, like, don’t you REALIZE everyone is a predator?? Gosh Mom.

    Your garden is so pretty and I’m OK with you turning this into whatever kind of blog you want. And now I think I need to plant violets if they’ll bloom out of control…I’d take that out here.

    • I think you’re right about Bess. She will sit and watch for over an hour! And the violets, they like shade, and I think you have a shady back yard. I’ll check for the best time to uproot and send you some if you like.

  2. I love your garden photos. Can’t wait to see the lilac bush in bloom. I miss those so much – I lived in WNY for many years and loved seeing their blooms each spring.

  3. *sigh* I wish I had a violet path. You know I love a Japanese Maple! Yours are so pretty and full!

    I love Noah so hard. He’s such a good protector!! 🙂

  4. Do you keep those big giant pots out during the winter? We can’t really do that here, even with pots that say frost resistant because it’s just too cold and they can crack. I’m too afraid to try it LOL. I don’t mind reading a gardening blog, either. At least you are blogging, unlike my lame attempts this year. 😀

    • I’ve always kept the pots out during the winter. But it seldom gets below 25 degrees here. Also, I do have one pot that cracked circumferentially. But I think that’s because we put rocks in the bottom half of it. Don’t ask me why :/

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