Progress in the Garden

Lots of new things popping up in the garden! I was so glad to see this heuchera coming to life again. It got kind of flattened by the snow.


I got some bleeding hearts last year from Costco, and they were pretty small and insignificant. I was glad to see them coming up again this year, bigger and better.


This is the Camperdown elm. Before it puts on its big leaves, it comes out with these little green “flowers.” It is so pretty.




I have oriental lilies popping up everywhere! They all look so big and strong. And of course, the violets make themselves at home wherever they please.


Here’s the cherry tree. I took this at the wrong time of day, so its kind of dark. This tree is going to get some major pruning done on it this year!


Close-up of the fluffy blooms:


The flowering almond bush and the bridal veil bush.


Most of the tulips and daffodils are fading away. These are some new daffodils I got this year. Very pretty!


And some specialty tulips I bought this year too. Both of these are from John Scheepers.


I love the way these violets arranged themselves, interspersing the large light violets with the smaller dark violets. Honestly, the violets are so pretty in the spring. But they can tend to take over the garden. I pot some up to give away to friends, and others I just treat as weeds.


And that’s the garden report for this week. I have a new guy coming over to see if he can help. He advertises himself as only doing weed eating, but I think he might be able to help me with a little more.

5 thoughts on “Progress in the Garden

  1. Everything is so pretty already! We are just starting to get blooms – my daffodils flowered this week, and the trees are trying to green up. Of course that means I start taking an Allegra every day but it’s worth it.

  2. I love cherry trees…they’re just so pretty and feminine!! 🙂 Your garden is beautiful – I wish I had the time/energy/motivation to keep a garden like this! But I’ll just stick to admiring yours for now. 🙂

  3. Hi Debby!!! I have’t been by for awhile but i have spent the last half hour over coffee reading over your most recents posts.. We’ve had a nice visit! lol Your garden is lovely! Just beautiful. i can tell how much love you put into it. I’ve always found your little trees just amazing.. Glad to visit and find you and doggies are doing well.. Hugs! deb

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