Happy Friday to All

Happy Friday evening to everyone!  Work has been pretty good this week, and today was a great day off.  I’m getting in some nice long walks with Noah, and had a challenging circuit training session with Vicky at the gym.  I lapsed into a little of that negative thought pattern this morning–“what’s the use of running, hard workouts, waiting til I’m hungry to eat?  I’m still the same size.  I’m never going to lose any more.”  And then I remembered that the ‘use’ is that I am doing what needs to be done just to maintain my current weight.  That’s the use.  Oh.  Okay.

Regarding my trial of Intuitive Eating, I’m doing pretty good.  Weight seems to be staying the same.  I am definitely not in a ‘losing weight’ mindset this week.  Just enjoying the good food a little too much!  Good food, as in lots of fresh fruit, veggies, Vicky’s concoctions, fresh dairy, walnuts, oatmeal, scones, protein pancakes…the usual suspects.  Tonight I made a new version of something I’ve tried before.  It came out so good I wrote it down this time–Fried Rice.  It came about because of some new products I got at Costco.  Organic Brown Rice bowls–90 seconds in the microwave, 2 servings per bowl.  And, BTW, only 5mg sodium per serving.  The beauty of a recipe like this is that you can vary it a lot of different ways, depending on what you have on hand, and/or what kind of veggies you like.  I really like the texture of the carrots and zucchini that have been grated on the mandolin.  Combines really well with the rice.  I didn’t take a picture–sorry about that.

I do have some gorgeous pictures to share with you, though.  More garden shots.  I’m enjoying my new camera.

Sweet Woodruff--I love this groudcover.

It has tiny little white flowers and the faintest sweet smell.

Camellias are frustrating.  I practically had to stand on my head to take a picture of this gorgeous flower.

One of my Japanese maples named 'lemon lime. Appropriate name, don't you think?

First tulip of the year.

Sweet little blue flowers, almost hidden beneath the bigger daffodils.


11 thoughts on “Happy Friday to All

  1. Happy Friday, Debbie! Well, actually, it’s Saturday now…I really ought to get to sleep. Just wanted to say that I love the pictures of your garden. What kind of camellia is that? It’s really amazing. I have three in my garden; one bears both reddish-pink and pink with red dapples on the same bush!

  2. We all have days where we wonder why bother with exercise and healthy eating? I do it for my health and sanity.I usually feel lots better after working out and guilty if I skip workouts..
    Love your pics of the flowers. I grow roses so I will have to post some pics on my blog when they really start coming in won’t be long now!
    Have a great weekend!

    • I love roses! No luck with them up here. Someday I will grow them again.

      And yes, for my health and my sanity. I do want to continue to be healthy, and I do FEEL better when I exercise. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. I feel the same way about exercise and eating healthy at times. I feel that I work so hard and the scale doesn’t budge and it makes me want to say “pass the pastries, please”.

    Ah well, those feelings pass.

    Love the photos. Flowers make me so happy!

    • “Pass the pastries, please”–that cracked me up this morning, Lori! Maybe its best that we live on opposite coasts. Otherwise, they might find us together in a pastry-induced coma!

      I can hardly wait to see your flowers!

  4. Good job on the maintaining!!

    Trying to remember that I am maintaining…. not stuck.

    BTW- Great weiner dog!! I have one too- Strudel.

    Thanks!! Enjoy the blog!!


  5. Holy Gorgeous Garden, Batman!!! I love your pics, very nice!
    I think we all wonder sometimes why the heck we put ourselves through this. It is worth it though – I hope! 🙂

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