Since I claimed in the last post that I didn’t have much to say because I was busy being creative, I thought I’d give you a taste of what its like around here.

Okay, this first picture is representative of why I have a clutter problem.  I get stuff like this and I just can’t quite decide to give it away.  This little guy barely escaped the last thrift store bag and ended up on the sewing table.  He is cute though, isn’t he?  He’s one of those stuffed animals they sell at museums or zoos–when you squeeze him, he makes ‘authentic’ baby eagle noises.  For now he is safe in his temporary home on the sewing table.

Here’s another bird that lives on the sewing table.  This one barely escaped the JAWS OF NOAH.  Her little feather headress is a little worse for the wear, and her tail is almost nonexistent.

Ahhh.  Some of my favorite essentials.  My box of little two inch squares, and recently used spools of thread.  Oh THAT’S where that bowl went…

THE STASH!!!   Its in a relatively neat stage right now.  It gets pretty messy when I’m pulling fabrics for various ideas.  I’m pretty good at straightening it up periodically.  This cabinet has a pretty interesting history.  My grandfather used it to train German Roller canaries.  Supposedly you would put the young males in the dark and let them listen to a trained singing male so they would learn how to sing?  I found this blog entry–guess it’s true, and not just a family legend!

The rug is progressing nicely.  I work on it every evening while I watch “TV” on my computer–not sure if is a good thing or a bad thing!

I found a whole range of greens to use for the ‘grass’ around the sheep.

Here’s the double wedding ring idea I mentioned the other day.  I am pretty excited about the possibilities for this.  I mean, I’ve been sewing little squares raw-edge on top of fabric for quite a while now, but I’ve never used them in such an organized fashion.  Its fast and its fun, and the possibilities seem endless.  I decided to make this quilt small, as a prototype.  I want to wash it several times to see how it holds up to regular use.  I’m not particularly worried about it, but I know that’s the first question other people will ask me.

Here’s a close-up of how the squares are zigzagged on, and then the sewing lines are the actual quilting.

More squares and strips.  I’m adding one more row to this quilt, so am madly sewing together little squares again this morning.

I had the seed of an idea for this piece when I was on vacation.  Just the idea of making a mosaic using odd sized pieces of fabric fit together with white between each piece.  Then I decided to make it a cross, and to add some of the motifs from the fabric in the mosaic.  My original plan was to do a lot of the handstitching on it.  You can see where I started that at the base of the cross.

A baby quilt I made for a very good friend.



I’ve also been organizing my quilts for sale. I sold one of my small quilts to my supervisor(!) and another manager asked if I had others for sale, which forced me to organize myself.  Next step–Etsy!

And a bit of creating going on in the kitchen!  Made my own salsa–one giant tomato, slice of onion, one-third of a red bell pepper, some cilantro, balsamic vinegar, and salt and pepper–whee!  It sure is easier to make in the food processor than when I used to chop it all by hand!

Found some extra thin corn tortillas the other day–80 calories for two.  Yummy cheese quesadilla.

I also made several batches of yogurt–some to share with my neighbor who is keeping me supplied with fresh veggies this summer.  I saved the whey because I am going to try making my own ricotta cheese!  It might not work, as this is whey leftover from yogurt making and not cheese making.  And tomorrow I am going to try making some pesto for the first time.

So that’s how the days go by–very quickly, I might add.  Hoping you are all having a great week.  Try adding in a bit of handwork to your day.  There is something so very soothing about taking one stitch at a time and seeing something grow, and knowing that you are doing something that people have done all across the world and down through the centuries.  As I always like to say to people who say they do not have time–Ghandi found the time to SPIN the cotton and weave it into the cloth to make his own garments, and he changed the course of a nation!  Surely you can carve out a bit of time in your busy day!

18 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. I was just thinking about you, and then I see that you posted! Yay!

    I love the double wedding ring quilt – kind of a modern, more geometric design. It looks fantastic! You really need to get your Etsy shop up and running, my friend. Oh – I am quite impressed by your fabric stash! I know you’ve mentioned you have a lot of fabric, but that was cool to see. And what a great cabinet – interesting history behind it.

    My grandmother made a bird similar to the one Noah almost ate – it’s so cute. I think my mom has it now. Glad yours is safe. 🙂

    Oh, I have to tell you that your parable about Ghandi reminded me of something I heard on the local radio station a couple of weeks ago – remember, this is Texas – they were looking for volunteers to help with Aggie dorm move-in day, and the announcer said “Robert Gates did it, and he killed Bin Laden” – who knows what will happen if YOU sign up! From peace to violence. 😉

    Have a nice evening!

    • Oh my…I’m not even sure I understand the connection between Robert Gates and Bin Laden? Oh wait. I just googled it, I was thinking BILL Gates, and trying to figure out how a computer nerd killed BinLaden–LOL on me!

      I’m thinking the Etsy shop will be a great project for the better part of the next three months during my ‘recuperation’ from hand surgery.

      • I get confused like that all the time! Robert Gates was president of A&M back then, before he went on to be a killing machine. 😉

    • “Spending a bit of time each day” is showing in the cleverness of your writing in your blog, and even in your comments that I see around the blogs!

    • I know! Really, it is my favorite oatmeal bowl, and the other day I noticed it was ‘missing.’ I ‘found’ it a few days later!

    • Yes, and you’re probably working full time. But even at the end, when I was working part time, it did stop the flow of creativity. So much different than now. I would have bursts of creative times, especially when I would take vacations that were just for staying home and quilting.

  2. You are the second person that has mentioned the extra thin tortillas but I have not been able to find them. I’ll keep looking. 🙂 The quilts are really nice. I used to make baby quilts but have not done any in years.

  3. That’s not a stash – that’s a STORE!! I’m a wee bit jealous that you have so much to choose from!!

    I love how the wedding ring quilt is coming along – very cool idea!! It looks very modern and I love the bold colors in it. I like the cross quilt too and I really like the look of the hand stitching at the base – definitely go forward with that idea.

    I love seeing all your handiwork!

  4. Wow Debbie – your quilts are just gorgeous! My mother used to quilt way back when but then stopped due to lack of time. You have some beautiful fabric pieces. I love looking at your stash!

    Seems like a lot of people are making their own salsa. I want to do this someday. As soon as I get my own garden!!!!!

  5. That rug is absolutely gorgeous. Please post a pic when you’re finished 🙂
    You do have your hands at work in all kinds of areas, don’t you? I do that, too. I’m never working on one project at a time. Usually I have 2 paintings going, along with a couple of card projects and am painting some piece of furniture. My husband wonders how I can focus by doing so many things but it actually keeps me from getting bored.
    thanks for sharing – such great pictures!

  6. LOVED seeing your latest creations, especially loved the modern take on the double wedding ring quilt.

    And homemade salsa is the best! Yours looks delicious! Try making it with tomatillos sometime, they have a nice bright flavor.

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