A Couple of Good Days and a Really Bad Night

Yesterday was a terrific day.  First Spa Day.  I stayed right on track with my schedule.  Got a bit of reading done, and quite a bit of quilting done, and then took a 30 minute brisk walk with Noah.   Headed to the gym for 35 minutes on the weights and 25 minutes on the bicycle.  No Starbuck’s but came straight home with my sack of food from Vicky, and enjoyed watching the  Biggest Loser while having coffee and a Quest bar.  THEN, I put a yoga episode on the computer (from Netflix) and did 35 minutes of that!  That was just right, because it was called Healing Yoga: for Aches and Pains.  Not too strenuous, but some really good stretches, breathing, and posture reminders.  I had my dinner that Vicky had prepared.  I was all ready to dislike it–veggie meatballs with marinara sauce.  I don’t like meatballs, and I don’t particularly like vegetarian meat substitutes.  But I made myself take a bite.  Surprise yumm!  They were full of nuts!  What’s not to like LOL.  After dinner we all went for the doggie stroll.  I watched a new movie documentary “Hungry for Change.”  They had some interesting information in there.  All in all, a really great day.

I was super tired before 9pm, and I headed to bed.  AND I COULD NOT SLEEP.  Which reminded me that that movie had made a point about how important sleep was for our health.  Anyway, thought I would share some of the things I do that usually help me to have a good night’s sleep.  And then some of the things I do that probably don’t help.

Things that help me to sleep:

  • A bath or a shower before I go to bed.
  • No caffeine after 6pm.
  • Reading in bed (usually fall asleep in 5 minutes.  Not much reading gets done.)
  • Bedding not too hot and not too cold.  This one can be very tricky LOL.
  •  Sometimes I take melatonin, usually only when I am having trouble falling asleep.

Things that probably don’t help:

  • Playing games on my kindle in bed.
  • Going to bed too full or too hungry.

Oh well.   I am lucky.  I usually don’t have too much trouble sleeping.  I kind of wondered if the extra exercise had something to do with the sleeplessness.

So this morning got a bit of a slow start.  But after weighing my options exercise-wise, I decided to take an extra long walk-hike.  I’m glad I did.  Sometimes I start worrying that I won’t be able to walk long distances any more.  And I have a special hike coming up with a certain blogger known for her hiking abilities!  (more on that later.)

So now I’m off to the gym.  Not sure what exactly I’m going to do.  Mostly I just want to get in the spa and relax.  Its such a pain in the butt to get your clothes all changed and get wet and stuff though.  I AM very sure that I am going to go to Starbuck’s and relax afterwards.  So far today I’ve had Vicky’s Chia muffin–very tasty, kind of had a ginger flavor to it, a pear, and a beet, goat cheese and walnut salad.  Good eats!

Do you have any special tricks to help you sleep better?

8 thoughts on “A Couple of Good Days and a Really Bad Night

  1. I was suffering from insomnia and sleep problems for a while and tried a lot of things. What helped me most was taking magnesium citrate before bed. I was surprised at the difference it made in my sleep. We also got light blocking curtains, which added even more bonus. I do occasionally have trouble sleeping, but it is not as often any more.

    Going to be full is also a big no-no for me and sleep. I will have crazy dreams and night sweats (like you really wanted to know that LOL).

    • That’s interesting about the magnesium citrate. Epsom salts are magnesium sulfate, I think. And they are VERY relaxing to have in the bath. Wonder if they kind of work the same.

  2. I will be checking back to read everyone’s tips for sleeping. I am an extremely light sleeper, but until I went through the “change,” had no trouble sleeping through the night as long as it was quiet. Now in addition to the at least once nightly trip to the bathroom, I wake up repeatedly. Normally, I go right back to sleep, but then wake up again a couple of hours later. Very frustrating. Will check out Lori’s magnesium citrate and see if that’s something that might help.

    That certain blogger (whoever she may be) is getting very excited.

    • LOL. Only people who don’t read the comments around here don’t know where I’m going. I am VERY excited about the trip too. Gonna write a post before I go about the whole plan!

  3. Since menopause, I usually sleep really poorly most of the time but this past week I’ve had such good sleep I feel like a new woman! Can’t figure it out. Even before menopause though I needed black out shades and some sort of white noise in the room to sleep well. When we traveled and I didn’t have my fan? Miserable!

  4. I wish I had blackout shades in my bedroom as I know they make a difference when I sleep somewhere that has them. Agree with Helen on the white noise – my ceiling fan takes care of that for me. But as you know, I don’t sleep well, and lately the hot/freezing cold crap has been really miserable. I think the shower before bed helps and I’m going to try that again. But I hope to read the magic solution in your comments – hey, why should a sleep remedy be any different than a weight-loss remedy? 😉

  5. Lack of sleep is one of the downsides of this new work schedule of mine. I’m not sleeping so well in the hotels and by the final day of the trip, I’m exhausted. I don’t always make very good food decisions when I’m exhausted. 🙂

    Here’s hoping we all find the info we need to get more sleep!

  6. My kids have been on spring break this week – getting out of our routine has been playing with my sleep schedule. I know I’m old because I hate staying up late/waking up late – I want my early bedtime back!!!

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