Wow, its been a while since I posted.  I don’t know why, except that I didn’t have much to say.  My trip to Sisters is coming up this week, and I find myself obsessed about the food I am going to eat, more so than usual.  Not sure what that’s about.

I do have a general plan in mind.  I checked, and there is a Costco, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods within a few miles of each other in Bend, which is the town right before I get to Sisters.  So I can stop there and stock up on groceries for the week.  I have a general plan to have two dinners out, and one lunch out on the way up.  The retreat serves lunch, and I usually don’t have a problem with that.  I take a protein bar with me, and if I don’t care for what they are serving, I can usually pick a bit out, and supplement with the protein bar.  So I don’t know exactly what I’m obsessed about.  Except the usual, of wanting to eat a lot because I am on vacation, and NOT wanting to eat a lot because I don’t want to gain. Oh, and then there’s that whole thing about ‘I’m not supposed to eat until I’m hungry.’

Have to be honest with you.  I am only being about 70% compliant with that now.  I’ve had a little non-specific anxiety, and just ate early.  Not bad choices or anything.  Just eating when I wasn’t hungry.  Still, I feel I have learned a lot from this experiment.  Like, I really am fine eating a little less food.  And I think it is a very good habit in general.  So I plan to continue to pay attention to that, and to try to stick with it as well as I can.

I am VERY excited about this trip.  The two teachers for the quilt workshop really do beautiful work.  I have my collection of fabrics ready to go.  Plus I have plenty of free time planned.  And after the workshop/retreat is over, my best friend is coming over to Sisters and we will just have fun hanging out for a few days.

Today was laundry day, so I brought in my suitcases, and am packing as I fold my laundry!

I want to take my bike with me, as I think it will be so fun to bike around Sisters to get some exercise in.  I hope I don’t chicken out.  Its a little nerve-wracking to think about that bike rack on the back of the car, just held on by straps.

Oh, here’s a bit of news.  I went back to my weights workouts last week.  It felt so good to get back to it.  I worked out on Friday and Sunday.  But then Monday through Wednesday my knee, and all my joints just really ached.  I don’t really think its due to the weights workout, but it did make me a little hesitant to continue.  I started a ‘knee journal,’ to monitor my pain level, what I eat, what meds I take, and what exercise I do, to see if I can figure out what makes it better or worse.  I’ve got a feeling that it is just random arthritis, and might have been exacerbated by the change in the weather.  I am also mulling over the possibility of swimming through the winter, because I do miss it already!

13 thoughts on “Obsession

  1. good to see you posting. I ‘m learning a lot about multi site arthritis, but not official medical info. Weather, cold, rain , a bad dream and clenching and unclenching, and then the dietary stuff–all kinds of things. And Maybe just 1 a day of rest between weights may not be enough. I worked out with a trainer on thursday and today was still rough. I did yoga and elliptical but almost gave out during yoga. I drank a muscle milk high protein drink / 1/2 lara bar afterward and it got better. . The pain and soreness seem to hit exactly 24 hr to the hour after a moderate to high intensity exercise session, The journal is a great idea. See if carbs, sugar, or citrus fruits aggravates it–a naturopath warned me about citrus.

    • Interesting about the citrus. I don’t eat that much, I don’t think. There are so many other fruits I like better.

      I know that right after my workout I feel better than ever. When I take a walk that evening I just feel wonderful. And then the next day, not so much!

      I always like to hear your thoughts on this!

  2. I’m with you on the long distance bike rack travel. I can just picture my beloved bike bouncing down the interstate behind me and then landing on top of a Mercedes or some other really, really expensive car. 🙂 I had also worried about gas mileage reduction, but I talked with some folks who had driven down from Canada to LA with their bikes on a rack and they hadn’t noticed any significant difference.

    Here’s hoping you get the pain problem nailed down real soon!

  3. Hope your knees return to normal. Sometimes joints just get cranky for no good reason.

    I miss the weights, too. My shoulder is about ready for lifting again and I look forward to getting back to that.

    Food obsession is so weird, isn’t it? There are times when I get totally obsessed with all things healthy and how to plan my day/week. Then I spend a ton of time looking at recipes and wanting to bake (and eat) tons of goodies.

    Do you take glucosamine? My ortho docs recommend that to patients.

    • So glad to hear someone besides me deals with the food obsession.

      And yes, as a matter of fact, I just started taking glucosamine. I got it for Monk, but then switched his food to one that includes glucosamine, so there was half a bottle left for me. I tried it long ago and didn’t think it worked, but maybe it will this time.

  4. Putting the bike on the back of the car makes me nervous, too…I know it’s supposed to be secure and fine, but I always worry. Plus I’m afraid someone will steal it when I stop for gas! I know, I haven’t done anything to reassure you and I’m sorry for that. 😦

    I think it’s natural to fret a bit about food when you’re going to be gone for so long – that, plus the fact that you’ve been doing so well and are realizing what works for you, means that you probably are worried about backsliding – I totally get that. But it also sounds like you’ve got some good plans set, so I bet you’ll be just fine.

    P.S. Hurray for some best friend time!

    • Yes, the backslide. That is exactly what I am afraid of. I keep reviewing all the trips I’ve taken, and how they haven’t had a significant impact on my weight, but still there is that never-ending thought process.

  5. We’ve had our bikes all over the US and never had a problem. We have a hitch rack now, but carried them to Colorado and back and all over the southeast tied to the back of our car with straps. Go for it!

    Hope you have a great time. Is this the same conference you go to every year?

    • Ha!! With the two comments expressing concern about the bike rack, I had just about decided to put the bike in the back of the car. But you’ve given me solid evidence that they work… I’ll get that bike to Sisters one way or another!!

      No, I usually go to the big outdoor quilt show in the middle of the summer, which is super crowded. This will be a different experience. And also a longer workshop/retreat. It is sponsored by the same shop that puts on the quilt show.

  6. Hi Debby. I just found your blog, and I will be reading this one! First of all, congrats on your 100 pound loss! I know you gained a little back, but still, that is quite an accomplishment. I think that being a bit older makes it all the more difficult, and I can say that because I am 47 myself. I have lost almost 70 and still have about 50 to go. Worrying about what you are going to eat while traveling is a good thing. I think. My son is in Afghanistan, coming back to the states next month…we live in NY and when he gets off that plane in Washington state, we will be there! Guess what I am already worried about? Yup, I know I could gain ten pounds in a week of being away, so I am already getting a bit stressed about it. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello, and thanks for writing…I get so encouraged when I know I am not the only one in these battles!!!

    Have a nice vacay!


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