Garden Report

Today MLG was here at 7am to do the last of the garden projects before it heated up. The weather report says it will be 106 by Sunday! We both worked on various projects for about 3 1/2 hours, and then declared ourselves well done.

I am still amazed at what MLG has been able to accomplish in a relatively short period of time.

Here are how the three beds looked this morning:


(Do you see that little building there?) It used to be the ‘dog room,’ and has a chain link pen already attached to it. We talked about turning it into a chicken coop! I still need to consult Noah’s trainer about turning his ‘prey drive’ back into his ‘guardian dog drive.’


(And see all that string and sticks outside the fence in the picture above?) That is our makeshift attempt to keep the deer from eating my tomato plants! My green beans that I grew from seeds are in the front there!

And here’s the new retaining wall/bed he built this morning–sorry, I had to take the picture through all the fences/tomato cages.


He got this Campydown Elm planted in the ground. I can hardly wait for it to fill out. It is a really beautiful tree.


And here are the doggies checking out everywhere MLG has been. Oh, he also went to the nursery and got those chips to fill in that pathway. It was a real dust bowl.



And one last picture to share with you. A few weeks ago I saw a mother bird going back and forth to someplace over the front door. I figured she had a nest with babies up there somewhere. And then a few days ago, this little nest was on the ground outside the front door. I’m hoping all the babies had flown away and so it just fell down. Can you see what its made of?


At least 50% of it is made from Noah’s hair!! I knew that stuff would come in handy someday LOL.

7 thoughts on “Garden Report

  1. I really like you flower/veggie beds. Well done, fast forward a few years they will be really stunning. Love the bird nest. Cheers Betty

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  2. Love the noses to the ground pics. “He was here, and here, and HERE…”

    And Noah’s nest. Sweet!

    The yard looks so great – aren’t you glad you did this?

  3. Noah is a father LOL! Or at least an uncle.

    I wish I could see an aerial view of your garden to get a feel for how it is laid out. It sure seems sweet!

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