A New Room and A Clean Dog

J. the Contractor came back last week to finish up a bunch of things. He put the fascia boards on both rooflines. For the longest time, this little shed remained the old red ย of the cabin, because there was no point in painting it, since the siding needed to be replaced. Its so nice to see it now, when I walk up the road.

That’s the old window from the dining room that we saved to put here, on the “wet studio.” It will provide lots of light and good ventilation when I am working in there. BTW, its called a wet studio, because that is where I will do all my dying and any other messy creating I need to do. You can see the kitchen door there, and the small deck. So I can just go out the kitchen door and down the stairs to this room.


Because of the roofline, the door was not a regular size. So J. the Contractor built a door! And he used the glass and the door knob from the old door!


Here is the (almost) finished room. I got the same light fixture that I have used in the studio and my laundry room. I love how bright the light is–its LED lighting. J. used wood that he milled himself from local pines for all the shelving and the walls and ceiling. I love the coloring of it, so I’m leaving it natural for now. There’s so much storage now– I’m sure eventually I will use it all. The back counter is about two feet deep, and that side counter is just one foot deep, but J. thought of making it the right height for me to eat, in case I wanted to eat while I was working out there. I sanded those two surfaces and coated them with polyurethane. I also ordered three anti-fatigue mats for the floor.


The only thing that’s not done is the backsplash. Somehow, when we did the house, we ended up with three boxes of white subway tile. So I saved that, and J. will be back in a couple of weeks to do the backsplash. There is a nice laundry tub (J. did something or other to finally fix the water pressure problem) and a full size stove! I talked to J. about getting a used stove, and it just so happened that he wanted to get himself a gas stove, so he was willing to sell me his old electric stove very reasonably. When you dye wool, it needs to be heated for the dye to set, so that is why I wanted a stove out there. You can see the small granite top between the two. That is from where they cut out the piece for the sink in the kitchen. J. had the tools to cut it just the right size for that small counter. And of course the bigger piece of leftover countertop is on the other side of the stove.


I had this idea, to make narrow shelves near the door opening, and have the shelves closer together so I could use it for all my dye jars! This is the coolest thing. so much nicer than any other place I’ve had for my dyes.


And since the water pressure was finally fixed, and we were still having days with high’s in the 70’s, I had no more excuses to avoid washing Noah. The laundry tub faucet is adapted so you can just attach a regular garden hose to it, so I can wash him with warm water. After we were all done, he had a photo shoot. There is a “pet” setting on my camera, and I usually forget about it. But it is really cool–takes the picture at the lightest touch immediately, and somehow focuses as quickly.



Its so nice to have all this work done. Now we’re in for a week of storms, but as soon as the weather clears up, I hope to be out playing with my dyes in my new wet studio. I am one lucky girl.


15 thoughts on “A New Room and A Clean Dog

  1. OMG, J mills his own wood??? Dang. You have a true craftsman there – no wonder he’s so talented!! Making the door? It looks fantastic. Love how your wet room turned out, and I especially love the shallow shelves. I had a “can pantry” in my first house and still think that is the way to go – nothing gets lost that way. Oh and I also love that you have granite in there…so cool that your kitchen leftovers were able to be used!

    Noah looks so handsome and regal – such a fluffy boy!

    • I know. Isn’t that amazing? My neighbor had to have a couple of HUGE dying pines taken down by the phone company. She has too much pine for burning, and so she gave the pine to J. He just comes over with his little Cat and takes it away. Haha. not his little kitty cat. You know what I mean ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Noah looks so handsome! I love your house Debby! Everything looks so beautiful! What a wonderful place to work!

  3. On behalf all the drought-stricken Californians, thank you for bathing Noah and making him all gorgeously white and fluffy – you have pretty much guaranteed we will get LOTS of rain in this next storm! I didn’t do my part lately by getting my car washed, so I’m glad you are taking one for the team. ๐Ÿ˜€ And your new “wet room” is awesome – I bet it smells wonderful with all that freshly milled pine. Hope you have a great weekend!

    • LOL. Even if it rains, at least he will still smell good! So far up here, this storm has been a bust. Hoping they are just off by a few days. I am not in the mood to water my garden this early in the year.

  4. I just had a big grin the entire time I was reading this. So happy for you to have such lovely spaces!

    I tell you what, with my old house and all its special needs, I need to find myself a J.

  5. You, J the Contractor, and MLG should all host your own DIY show together. It would be a hit! ๐Ÿ™‚ Your cabin looks so great – you are indeed one blessed and lucky girl!

    I very badly want to squish my face in Noah’s fluffy white fur!!

    • That would be a funny show. I should have a party or something to thank those guys.

      Noah would like that, and he would even smell good ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Noah is such a fine specimen of Dogdom. Your house and shed look so cute. And in reference to your reply to Helen, I see I am going about this the wrong way. I shouldn’t be looking for a MLG and a J. …. I need to be looking for the person to recommend them.

  7. The wet room looks very nice, imagine how much fun you will have there.

    And Noah is cute as always. Is he still clean now it’s a couple of days later ๐Ÿ™‚

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