The Chicks, Week 3


At just three weeks of age, the chicks have entered that gawky teenage stage. That’s what I call it anyway. Feathers are coming in, but not all the way. there are still odd patches of down here and there. Just enough to make them look unkempt. Not so cute anymore. But they still provide me with hours of fun, just watching their antics.


Look everybody! There’s something very interesting here.

Remember how all the chickens were trying to escape their yard in Chicken Run? That’s what my babies are like. constantly straining their necks to try to see over the top of the cardboard. They “fly” up to the top of the waterer and try to see over the top. They run and flap their wings.

And then this happened:


Yes, one of them, well, actually several of them, made it to the top of their cardboard surround. So that made my decision a little easier. I HAD to let them out of their cardboard nursery, and out into the big world of the chicken coop.

I still have a cardboard barrier to keep them away from the door, but that will probably go tomorrow. One of them has already flown over the top of it.


After they got over the shock of their world being made larger (there was lots of squawking and carrying on as I worked as quietly as I could to fix up the coop and take away the cardboard,) they were VERY interested in this big new world.


They are endlessly interested in climbing the ramp (that will eventually allow them to go outside.)


They still find “things” to be fascinated with, and they do love scratching in their pine shavings.

My favorite baby is still alive, and she eats and drinks regularly. She just isn’t growing as fast as the others.


And that’s the chicken report for this week.

6 thoughts on “The Chicks, Week 3

  1. I’d say these cuties are in the “tween” stage…I call the “teen” stage as being when their legs get longer and the down is gone and they are cheeping louder and more often…ha ha Can’t wait to see how these little creatures look with their feathers.

  2. The one perched on top of the cardboard has an old-timey Grandma bouffant hairdo going on, LOL. They are so funny; wanting to get out of their little area, but squawking when you gave them more space…yep, sounds like teenagers for sure!

  3. I love the gray floof on the head of the chick perched on the box πŸ˜€ Definitely the not as cute phase LOL

  4. Gladys. The chicken perched on top of the cardboard with the gray grandma hair…her name is now Gladys. You’re welcome. πŸ™‚

    I think they’re all still pretty cute. I’ll bet they are a lot of fun to watch!

  5. Debby , I am enjoying your baby chick report. I had some friends that had some of the varieties you have. But I really remember the white with feather cuffs around their feet. They are beautiful when grown. I would be doing the same thing if I lived out in the country. Thank you for sharing your chick news.

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