Yogurt Love, and Other Stuff

Okay, I have a lot to say, but none of it is organized.  JUST LIKE MY LIFE!!!  Seriously.  How can I get to be this age and do the same stupid unorganized thing over and over?  Here is what I do.  I will be attempting to ‘clean up’ and put stuff away, and I will take an item and stuff  put it in a cupboard, and as I am putting it there, I will think to myself, ‘you’d better not put that there.  You won’t be able to find it when you want it.’  But I put it there anyways.  And one week later, sure enough, I need it and I can’t find it.  And then I become obsessed with finding it.  Well, this time it was a particular piece of fabric, and the only good that has come out of it is that I have done a little bit of organizing and cleaning of my fabric cupboards.

Okay, on to more blogworthy items of interest.  Well, they are interesting to me.  Last week, Mizfit had a guest poster who wrote a good article, so I clicked over to her blog, and she talked about making her own yogurt.  This really fascinated me, because you all know about my greek yogurt love, and my lack of love for the lesser brands of yogurt.  I always buy a gallon of milk because it is cheaper, and then I have too much and have to throw it away.  This sounded like a win-win solution, as far as saving a lot of money, and homemade yogurt just sounded so good and wholesome to me, and I thought it might not be quite as tart as commercial yogurt.

The recipe was extremely simple, but takes a bit of time.  The first batch was a complete flop.  Barely thicker than milk with two or three lumps in it.  Tasted like milk mostly, maybe a little sweeter.  So I tossed it and googled yogurt making, and found this site, with exactly the same ingredients and directions, but he notes that it is important to use fresh commercial yogurt so the bacteria will still be active.  So today I bought more milk and some fresh yogurt (he recommended Dannon, but they didn’t have a single there, so I went with the store brand.  And tried again.  Six hours later, I have something that tastes a little more like yogurt, and is a lot thicker than milk, but still more of a drinking consistency.  Anybody out there got any tips?  I think I will use this.  Might be good with some strawberries.  Also, I think I might get some cheesecloth and try straining it to make it thicker.  The Fage people claim they put 4 cups of milk into every 1 cup of yogurt.  That is why it is so thick and the protein content is so high.

Another blog recipe I have bookmarked is this one.  An oatmeal breakfast cookie.  I think the link came from blogmie Lori.  This recipe looks fun and tasty and nutritious all in one.  And seems especially promising for summer weather.

Speaking of cookies, Jill and I had an interesting discussion over on her blog in which I confessed my problem with cookies.  The problem being that they are one food that never satisfies me.  I wonder if it is the high butter content, or the sugar or the white flour that makes it that way?  Dark chocolate does not affect me that way.  Is it the intensity of the flavor?

I have been doing pretty well with my food.  In fact the only unplanned food I have taken in in the last week is cookies–aaargh!  Two Friday, one Saturday, and then this morning at church, an unexpected lemon square.  I usually don’t think twice about the cookies at church, but this one involved a nice conversation with a new girl, and I must say, the lemon square was quite worthy, and actually did satisfy me.  Otherwise, my food has been extremely ‘clean’ this week.

I’ve done great with my exercise, and feel good about that.  I am sorry to report that the pounds are NOT melting off. And I have entered a period where I really feel like a tub of lard.  Blogmie Juice used that term in one of her posts and it made me chuckle.   It describes perfectly how I feel, especially when I am sitting down, and yuck, last night in the bathtub.

However, with the increased exercise program, I do feel wonderful when I am up and about.  More energetic, more aware of good posture, keeping my stomach pulled in, all that stuff.  And best of all, I have entered a period where my back doesn’t hurt.  Yahoo!

Okay, I’m gonna end this ramble, my friends.  In the middle of writing this, I went and made a bowl of strawberries and my homemade yogurt.  Oh. My. Gosh!!!  I am in yogurt love again.  It is really mild and creamy, and I can think of a million uses for this.  I think it might even be something fun for you moms to do with your kids.

10 thoughts on “Yogurt Love, and Other Stuff

  1. LOVE.
    please to never ever get organized on us, Woman!

    and it is supposed to be a rainy gross week here.
    I just may try making yogurt WITH the Toddler!!

  2. I have made yogurt before and found that you do need some starter yogurt, just a couple tablespoons. Make sure it is the real yogurt and not one with gelatin and stuff.

    It’s actually pretty easy, but a bit time consuming. I made one batch sweetened with maple syrup for DH and he really liked it.

    While it was a fun kick to be on, I decided I would rather just purchase my Fage LOL!

    I am so like that with cookies, too. I can eat them until I am totally stuffed full and still want to eat more. It has to be the sugar.

  3. I am wondering if it is actually the whole collection – baking soda/powder, salt, sugar, flour.

    And (for me) I think the biggest impact is actually something to do with the baking soda/powder. Can’t pin down exactly what it is about that taste – but that IS the taste that makes me crave more.

    I think the one (of those) that has the least impact is actually the flour.

    If there was anything in our food products that was flour, without the rest of the list, I don’t think it would set off the more, More, MORE thing.

  4. Thanks for the shout out! I have been very intrigued by the whole yogurt making thing. (Did you know they actually sell yogurt makers??? Might be something to stalk on Craigslist.) Thanks for letting me live vicariously. I feel like I’m so far behind on projects, cleaning, etc that it will take me months (years?) before I get around to making yogurt.

    And you KNOW I have the cookie issue. (And the cookie dough issue). I think the trigger is the combo of sweet, salt and fat. Very hard to resist!

  5. If you are using skim milk to make your yogurt, it will tend to be thin – careful reading of the ingredients on cartons will show you that most non-fat yogurts are fortified with powdered milk. It’s very easy to strain it, however – just pour the yogurt into a coffee filter in a strainer. The longer you leave it, the more solid it gets (do not throw out the whey until you decide whether your yogurt it TOO dry!) Easy to get the texture of Greek yogurt with practice. Yogurt cheese is great, too – stir a bit of salt into the yogurt before straining, and then drain until firm (rather like fresh mozzarella, or tart cream cheese.)

  6. Oh, I love Greek-style yogurt! I probably won’t try making my own, but if we ever need to go ultra-frugal, it’s nice to know that it’s doable.

    I think you’ve hit on something with “intensity of flavor” and “worthiness” making you feel satisfied. (That’s probably why the lemon square was satisfying.) I know those things have helped me feel satisfied with less quantity.

  7. Thanks for all the comments!

    Miz–I think we all need to see a video of the Tornado making yogurt!

    Vickie’s theory about the baking soda/powder is interesting. I think that I like scones because of that. But I think, for me, Juice wins the prize–it IS that combo of sweet, SALT, and fat!! Because when I used to bake, I NEVER used unsalted butter. I liked the taste of salted butter!

    And Rachel, I don’t know where you came from, but thanks for the great tips on yogurt making. I am really excited about all the possibilities! Do you have a blog?

    Juice, I am already investigating yogurt makers online. Mostly, its too easy to just use a pan like I’ve been doing. But it is a pain-in-the-butt to clean the pan with the milk stuck to the bottom. The yogurt maker idea appeals to me for that reason.

    And Pubsgal, I agree with you–I had thought about that ‘intensity of flavor’ in regards to the lemon square too.

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